October 29, 2009

Whew, What a Month!

Making it to Sunday with my sanity intact will be an accomplishment. It's been an unexpectedly crazy month!

Dad has been in the hospital three times this month, for a total of more days in the hospital than out of it. His blood levels dropped, then he got a fever, then it looked like he might have pneumonia but it turned out to be lesions on his esophagus caused by the chemo. But he's been home for the past 10 days or so, and we went to visit him. More on that in a moment.

As I mentioned in my last post, I contacted the clinic regarding planning an FET for early next year. Forgot we had to repeat the one-day workup. Went through the same stupid issues we did last time, with them turning my unpredictable cycles into an obstacle rather than working with me to address them. Wound up snapping at the receptionist who was being unhelpful in trying to get me scheduled and put it on said receptionist to solve my ovulation issues. (She loved that, as you can imagine.) Got a phone call back from a nurse pretty quickly after that.

Went back East with the in-laws to see fall colors. Left my textbook on the plane, with an assignment due three days later and a mid-term due a week after that (still not done). Wasn't expecting white to be a fall color, but it started snowing an hour after we arrived. Spent a day wandering around a Civil War battlefield envisioning brave soldiers meeting a tragic, traumatic fate. No disrespect at all to them or what they endured - our country would be very different if not for their heroic service - but a spa-and-chocolates type of vacation was more on order than an envisioning-blood-and-guts one. Note to self: Do not join in-laws when they go back to spend two or three more days there. Either that, or find a place to park self at a spa during those days.

Got back, crazy few days at work, hopped on a plane four days later to go visit big, bad clinic. Forgot and had caffiene the morning of the ultrasound. Blood flow was restricted, but uterus otherwise looked good. RE was optimistic, which made me tear up (fear of failure, not joy - I've now reached the point where doctors' optimisim about our chances makes me cry). A bit of pressure was taken off when he said he'd allow us to try a second FET if I miscarry on the first one.

Less than 24 hours after arriving, hopped back on another plane to visit my dad for a few days. He looked better than expected and had more energy, even was up to going to church which was great. Learned from his wife how to can homemade jelly and fry taco shells. Saw my oldest half-sister, who I hadn't seen in 23 years and who, it turns out, is on a first-name basis with the police in her town due to her children.

Drove 1.5 hours to take R back to the airport on Sunday night, then 1.5 hours back to my dad's for one more day, then back home myself. Did I mention he lives in the woods, where bears wander across the road and a shotgun is required after dark to ward off the mountain lions and ensure you make it safely from the carport to the front door? Yep, I come from true hillbilly roots. (Dad's word, not mine.)

Back home, more work craziness, still trying to get the mid-term finished (but clearly taking a blogging break at the moment). Trying to resign myself to getting a B in the class.

Metabolism has seriously slowed down. Instead of dropping 1-2 pounds per week, now gaining about 2 pounds per week. Have to exercise (walking/running) 1.5 hours per day in order to have any sort of weight loss, gain all of it right back if I miss a day. Up 6 pounds in 3 weeks.


Endo is no help - she's treating the piece of paper the lab results are on as if that's the patient instead of me. Despite the ridiculous weight gain (in the face of strict healthy eating, I might add) and the fatigue, she says the T4 levels aren't low enough to warrant raising my dosage. Considering firing her and having the PCP (who will take symptoms into consideration when adjusting dosage) manage my levels.

Oh, and it is R's birthday tomorrow. I have not shopped, I have not arranged for a cake, we have not finalized plans to celebrate. And I will likely spend most of the weekend trying to finish the mid-term, do the assignment due this week, and get caught up on work.

So, how's October been for you?