January 05, 2010

NY Resolution - What Was I Thinking?

Maybe the problem is that I wasn't thinking. Because on top of the crazy idea of trying to exercise 2 hours a day, dealing with dad's situation, and attempting to catch up at work from the time off last month, apparently I've decided that now is the perfect time to give up refined sugar.

Do you know how many different things refined sugar is in?!

I almost didn't make it through the first 24 hours. (I started yesterday.) I began to feel a headache and nausea come on yesterday afternoon - probably from withdrawl. :-) I wanted a Cok.e so badly!

Our house is also full of homemade (by R's dad) caramel corn, mint creme brownies I made before leaving to be with my dad (R's not a fan of mint, and apparently neither is my mom), a box of French mints she bought me for Christmas, and all sorts of packets of hot cocoa in fun seasonal flavors (gingerbread hot cocoa, anyone?)

And I could have none of it.

I did manage to survive the first day, though, and today was a bit easier. We'll see how long this lasts...

So, what is your New Year's resolution?

January 01, 2010

Dad Pulled Through

2009 did not start out how I expected (finding out just a couple weeks into the new year that we had no confirmed chromosomally normal embryos from our Nov. 08 cycle), nor did it end how I expected (hanging out with my dad in the hospital for the last two weeks of the year).

Amazingly, he is still with us. He actually got to be released from the hospital and go home on New Year's Eve, which I am very thankful for.

It seems that what caused his sudden turn for the worse was an adverse reaction to mor.ph.ine and Ata.va.n, not just the leukemia taking its natural progression. After we jumped on the plane and got out there, he didn't take any more pain meds for 8 days. When he did (on Dec. 21), they gave him the mo.rph.ine again but no Ata.va.n, and again his respiratory system started to crash, but not quite as badly as the day we flew out there.

The next morning, one of the nurses coming on for her shift said, "Oh, yeah, that can happen because of the mor.ph.ine. Why don't we give him something else next time?"

Uh, yeah, why don't we? No one else mentioned that to us - he's in a small hospital, and information doesn't seem to always get communicated well. So the next time he wanted pain meds, which was a few days later, they gave him something else. He slept, his pain eased, and his breathing remained normal.

He started to improve on Christmas Eve, and every day we noticed a bit more improvement. He's still in some pain, because he developed sores on his arms. We're not quite sure what caused them - could be the leukemia, could be all the medications they were pumping in to him, could just be a virus since he doesn't have much of an immune system. Basically his left arm looks like it's been badly burned from a few inches below the shoulder to a few inches above his wrist. His right arm isn't quite so bad. But he's been prescribed some cream that seems to be working amazingly well.

I came home on Dec. 29, and R and I celebrated our 14th anniversary the next day.

While he is home and continuing to improve, it's still very much a day by day thing. So we're just taking a wait and see approach; I don't know that our FET is going to happen as we had tentatively planned for the end of February. But that's okay for now. It will be 7 years TTC in February, so at this point what's a couple more months?

I'm sorry I haven't posted on many blogs lately. I had my work computer with me while I was with dad, and for some reason, it would let me post on my blog but it wouldn't let me comment on any blogs. I'm trying to catch up from missing the last two weeks at home, work, etc. (R and I haven't even exchanged Christmas gifts yet), but I will try to get back on track over the next couple of weeks.

Here's hoping for a better 2010 for all of us still fighting the IF fight...