September 13, 2006

By Golly, She Really Has Lost Her Mind

I didn't mean to disappear again. It has unexpectedly turned into a crazy couple of weeks, part of it self-inflicted, part of it not.

I've been given a new, interim position at work. I'm very excited about it, because it allows me to focus more in depth on a few areas rather than spreading myself over many areas, which is what my current position entails. If I do well, it will become a permanent position. The downside is that I have two months to prove myself, but I'm still doing several pieces of my other position, so I'm not able to focus all of my energies on the new one. Should be an interesting couple of months...

Then, as if we don't have enough chaos in our lives as it is, I dragged R to go look at new homes on a whim over the weekend. In a few hours, we're signing the papers to buy a ridiculously large, gorgeous spec home. This Friday, we're out of town at the clinic so that I can get loaded up on fat cells and have an ultrasound to see how my lining is progressing. The following Friday is the expected transfer date. Then, the Friday after that is the day I have my first beta, which will also probably be the day we get the keys to the new house.

We hadn't planned on this - like I said, we went looking on a whim. So our current house is not on the market and is nowhere near ready to be shown. But there are some reasons behind my madness. My mom will be moving in with us because she is in her 70s and it's getting harder and harder for her to work full time. (Because of the financial situation my parents' divorce put her in, she can't afford to live on her own unless she works.) This house gives us all enough space that we will hopefully be able to coexist without wanting to kill each other. Plus, the builder was offering huge incentives on the house in terms of a price discount and closing costs/loan rates because they want to get the house closed before their new fiscal year begins on Oct. 1. So once we get our house and my mom's house sold, we'll have a small mortgage that will allow me to stay home or work part-time at some point.

The next couple of months will be interesting. I had a check up with my regular doc yesterday, who is also my mom's doc and knows us both very well. I think at this point, he wants to insert a permanent IV into me and keep Ativan (anti-anxiety drug) flowing through me on a continuous basis.

I am horribly behind on catching up with all of you, please forgive me. I'll be back to catch up as soon as I can.


Watson said...

WOW - such exciting news!

Do you ever feel like the stars just align in an unusual way, the world speeds up around us, and all of a sudden we have so many crazy, new things to deal with?

Between the new house, new position at work, the upcoming transfer and getting ready to sell two houses, it sort of sounds like that.

Hopefully in a few weeks you'll get to update us about the job and the move and share happy news on the baby front, GOOD LUCK!!

Thalia said...

The house sounds totally fab, I'm glad it's not also a financial burden. Here's hoping that all this activity is the start of something wonderful!

the waiting line said...

MY head is spinning! Great news - congrats!

sube said...

What an eventful couple of weeks you've had and will have! I hope this is the start of many wonderful new beginnings.

Motel Manager said...

Holy cow - you do have a lot going on! Congrats on the new house, and good luck on the new cycle!

Nico said...

That *is* a lot you have going on! I hope that everything went smoothly with your cycle, and that the transfer went off without a hitch. Let us know how you're doing when you get a chance.