October 26, 2008

Poking Along, Literally

Ok, so that title is bad attempt at being punny...sorry to make you endure it, but it's the best I could come up with.

The Lupron shots are going fine; stim shots start next weekend.

So far the side effects are the most challenging thing. In the past, I've never had an issue with Lupron, but this time around I'm getting headaches. I'm also on an anti-depressant that makes me very, very sleepy, to the degree that if I know I'm not going to be able to get at least 7 hours of sleep, I skip the dose that night because it wouldn't be safe for me to drive the next morning if I took it. But the dexamethasone is giving me insomnia. So now I lay in bed, so sleepy that I can barely even open my eyes, yet every 10 minutes or so I wake up, toss and turn, then fall back asleep for a few more minutes. Somehow, R is managing to sleep through all of that. Oh, well, one of us getting a decent night's sleep is better than nothing...

Now I'm heading upstairs to start planning how to pack for this upcoming cycle. Because this time around is a different clinic and we are not driving, I'm not going to be able to pack everything like I did last time. (Imagine your parents' station wagon, crammed to the top of the windows and with luggage roped to the roof, for a week-long road trip with 5 kids - that's what our car looked like.)

Unless I plan to take up the overhead bin space for me and 9 of my closest seat mates on the flight, I'm going to have to pare down the list a bit...

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MamaSoon said...

Maybe you could mail a box of stuff to the hotel with some of your favorite things. I am thinking of mailing stuff home since I won't be able to carry it after transfer. Getting excited?