March 10, 2010

I plan, nature scoffs

Today is CD 8. We get on a plane in less than 48 hours, and my uterus is supposed to start getting bathed in antibiotics on Monday. I can't be bleeding during that time.

Today I poofed out (my term for bloating) and started spotting. Almost everything about me seems to be so much more normal and healthy since the thyroidectomy - why can't that include my cycles becoming normal, too? Ugh.

I told R he is going to just have to go with the flow (no pun intended when I said it to him.) We have plane tickets, we have an apartment reserved, his parents are coming with us - we're going. Either the bleeding is going to stop and the lavages will start as planned, the bleeding will continue but eventually stop and the lavages will get started a few days late, the bleeding will continue the whole time (I really hope not!) and I'll get IV antibiotics instead, or the bleeding will continue and it will be just a working vacation and nothing more.

Whatever will be, will be.


lastchanceivf said...

Forgive me, but I don't think I know your plan...I don't know about the antibiotic lavage?? It sounds intriguing and I hope your body cooperates and it all works out just fine. Have a super great trip!

maxandzuzu said...

Hello, I'm new to your sight. I've never heard of antibiotic lavages. What is that?

You've certainly been through a lot! I can't believe how many "adoption gone wrong" stories that I've heard. I've always shied away from the idea to begin with (I don't think I could handle the child always wanting to find their "real" mother) but tales like yours makes me even more reluctant than before.

I think you should go for the two. I would even be inclined to try three. There's always a chance that they'd all take. But many times they don't. It all depends on how many more times you're up to going through this. If you're okay to do a few more, then transfer one at a time and don't stress yourself out about the possibility of having twins.
Enjoy your time in NY. What hospital are you going to?