September 28, 2010

Big G.irl and a Biopsy Question

After my meltdown a couple of weeks ago and the subsequent crankiness, I think I am finally getting myself back together.

A few years ago, at my previous job, one of my co-workers had a sign on her wall that said "Put on your big g.irl and deal with it!" As silly as it sounds, that sign has stuck with me.

So, I have located said** and am dealing with all the infertility crap.

We haven't made any solid decisions yet, but I am going forward with the biopsy next week. I figure for all the weight gain, bloating, acne, and mood swings these hormones have cost me, I might as well get a couple of test results out of it.

And speaking of test results, since half of the bloodwork I had done last time didn't produce results we could be confident in due to possible heat damage, I have decided not to risk shipping the blood again.

So, we are doing what we do best - medical tourism.

The lab is about 3.5 hours from my dad, and we haven't been to see him in about 6 months. So next week we're flying in to the airport closest to the lab after work on Wednesday, staying the night, getting blood drawn the next morning, taking the day off, driving a couple hours up the coast to San Fran, staying there for two nights (including working remotely the next day), catching up with one of my co-workers who lives there, going to the farmer's market at the Ferry Building (we're only to Saturday at this point, people), driving up to see my dad, staying the night there, and then driving the 3.5 hours back down to the airport and heading home.

How's that for a 96-hour itinerary?

I saw my therapist yesterday. She asked the last time R and I went somewhere on vacation - no medical stuff involved - just the two of us. And sadly, I had to reach back 5 years to our 10th wedding anniversary.

Surely we've gone on a vacation like that since then? But my hormone-addled brain can't remember.

Maybe we really haven't. And the 10th anniversary was not a full vacation, just a long weekend. And while we tried to avoid anything medical related on that trip, an adoption possibility came up in the middle of it and we wound up coming 'round a corner at one point during the weekend only to find foot-long giant sperm on the floor. (If you haven't been reading for that long - I can't even believe I've had a blog for that long! - you think I am making this up. I assure you I am not.)

I almost forgot...on to the question: What was your endometrial biopsy experience like? Did it hurt? Is the pain going to be so intense that I may be likely to reach up and smack the doctor? (Which I have been known to do in the past. But in my defense, I was 6 at the time.)

My uterus cringes each time I even think about it. And the thought "What the hell am I doing?" has crossed my mind more than once.

** I can only imagine what kind of visitors I'd get with that phrase if the periods weren't included!


Patience said...

Sounds like a great plan for getting bloodwork done. Dh & I hadn't taken a trip that didn't involve either work or IF in forever either!

As for the biopsy, I will be honest. It hurts... really hurts. But it is over quickly and I didn't have any residual cramping or pain after it. It was just an intense pain for less than 30 seconds and then it was over.

Good Luck!

Libby said...

I guess it depends. I've had 2 endometrial biopsies, and while they were uncomfortable, they were over quick enough not to traumatize me. I think I took a couple of tylenol beforehand, so maybe that helped?

Ah, yes, vacations. I think it was 2003. We usually take the day off before Thanksgiving if that counts!

Good luck with your biopsy. Hope it's not too bad for you.

Sue said...

I've heard both ways with the endo biopsy. Some have said that it was awful, others say it is "nothing". I think it is like the HSG, which is horribly painful for some women but perfectly fine (mildly uncomfortable) for others. I hope yours is in the perfectly fine department. A good friend of mine (on her 11th cycle!!!) is actually getting one of these done TODAY.'ve unfortunately been in big girl panties the entire time. Just dealing with this stuff regularly shows that...there really is no way to avoid it, so now you are in supersized big girl panties? (envisioning that scene from Shallow Hall where she throws her panties at him:-) Enjoy the medical tourism, I think our last real vaca was our honeymoon!!! But I haven't been married as long as maybe it is time to take a real vaca? Can you fit it in?

lastchanceivf said...

Your schedule makes me tired!

And yes, the biopsy hurt. But it was over quick. I had Mr. LC with me for the second one (I did two, two days apart) after the first one because I wanted someone's hand to crush.

Good luck!

kayjay said...

Good luck with the biopsy. I had one done and it was honestly not painful for me at all. It was like someone was taking a tiny scraping and it didn't hurt - it was just uncomfortable but that was about it. I know of others who thought it was the most horrible thing so just take the Tylenol beforehand just in case and then hope for the best.

SLESE1014 said...

I think you're on the right path. Enjoy the time of running like a crazy woman. At least your man will be with you. My DH and I took a month off from all testing and plans and took a 2 week vacation. Well, I took 2 weeks and he took 1, but it was wonderful and much needed.

My biopsy hurt like nothing I've ever had done to me before and it lasted a heck of a lot longer than 30 seconds. But about 5 minutes after the procedure, it was over. No residual pain. I didn't even take pain meds, the docs asked me not to before the procedure and after, I didn't feel the need to. It was worth it tho.

Good Luck to you!