October 28, 2011

The Big Scan

These past few weeks, I've been pretty calm, not too nervous before our appointments. But for some reason - maybe because today was the big scan - I was much more nervous.

Last night when I measured my belly, it had shrunk a little. (I know, I know, stop doing that!) My chest has been sore and having shooting pains all week (which I read was normal, so I didn't freak out about those), but when I got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night last night, I realized they weren't very sore. So the boob-poking, which I hadn't done in weeks, recommenced. Thankfully a few hours later, the soreness returned.

And, thankfully again, there was a heartbeat on the screen this afternoon. As well as:

  • a brain that was symmetrical
  • a four-chamber heart
  • a three-vessel umbilical cord
  • two kidneys

  • Kiddo is now exactly 1/2 a pound, about 7 inches stretched out, and measuring in the 60-65% range for all measurements but one. That one (I think it was a skinfold measurement on the head) was at 27%, but the ultrasound tech said it's tough to get an accurate measure of that and it was still within the normal range, so we're not worrying about it. Today is 18w0d, and everything except that measurement was in the 18w1d to 18w3d range.

    The only thing that concerned the tech was that my placenta appeared to be "marginal" - not covering the opening to the cervix, but right next to it. So she wound up doing a transvag ultrasound at the end, which thankfully showed it wasn't quite as close as she originally thought. It was more than 2 inches away (apparently within 2 inches is considered marginal), so she said it's low-lying. They'll recheck it again at some point.

    And that lady already knows me well. I asked her how long my cervix was and that I was worried about an incompetent cervix. She said she would only tell me it was more than 3 inches long and that she wouldn't give me an exact number because I'd obsess about it during every appointment. This was during the transvag ultrasound, and she also pushed hard on the lower end of my uterus to put pressure on my cervix. It didn't change, and she said the fact that it didn't soften or open a little bit was a good sign. Maybe doing that was just BS and wouldn't cause a change even in an incompetent cervix, but it worked, because it did reassure me a little bit.

    Two more weeks to the half-way mark. Six weeks to the edge of viability. Here's hoping those weeks pass really quickly. And, more importantly, uneventfully...


    Silver said...

    Fantastic news - so good to hear things continuing to go well :-).

    Mo and Will said...


    so glad you got such great news!! hang on to it and try to be reassured! sounds like everything is progressing beautifully. so happy for you!


    MyTwoLines said...

    Wonderful news all around! I hope you are breathing a sigh of relief!

    Reese said...

    Glad to hear the Kiddo passed with flying colors! 18 weeks and counting. I'm also impressed that you've been holding out on finding out the gender. I can never stand to wait, but it definitely gives you something to look forward to. I am guessing boy for you, so we will see if I'm right.

    SLESE1014 said...

    good news...good news....I love it...keeping you in my thoughts and prayers

    Libby said...

    Wow, I can't believe you are 18 weeks! That is wonderful! Glad you are still getting good news!

    Hopeful Mother said...

    Fantastic news!!!