August 31, 2012

Astounded by '60 embryos'

I am pro-life. Have been for as long as I've known what the term meant, long before we ever started trying to build our family.

I am what the media would classify as a "conservative Christian".

And yet, I still do not understand why people who have no business putting their noses in my business, much less my uterus, insist on trying to do just that. And even worse than that, insist on trying to do so while spouting such lines of utter ridiculousness that they make me snort the glass of milk I'm drinking right out of my nose.

There is an article on about personhood rights that offers this brilliant nugget of insight from Keith Mason of Personhood USA, who is leading the charge in support of legislation that has the potential to have very serious negative impacts on IVF:

"In creating 30 to 60 embryos, and then choosing three or four embryos, that's selective reduction."

30 to 60 embryos. Seriously? Couples are:

1) creating volumes of embryos like this??, and then

2) just chucking 56 or 57 embryos out the window?? (The implication being that those "leftover" embryos are deemed by those who created them as unnecessary and worthless?)

That's what Mr. Mason seems to be implying, along with his complete and total lack of understanding about the fundamentals of IVF. You'd think someone who is leading the charge on this would have at least bothered to do some cursory research on the topic at hand.

The ridiculousness of that statement, both outright and implied, astounds me. It's frightening that people like this are the leading voices in this discussion.

Thank God that RESOLVE continues to fight these efforts, so that IVF isn't severely restricted and babies like Miss A can continue to be born.


Libby said...
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Libby said...

Ack! There is SO much ignorance when it comes to IVF. I am also a conservative Christian who thankfully understands the hope that we all have in the IVF process. My first RE happened to be a Mormon, and although I don't share his religion, I was impressed to learn that the mormon church has a fund that infertile mormons can access for IF treatments. A striking contrast to one of our local Catholic churches who was protesting an IVF clinic being relocated to a popular shopping district because they likened it to abortion. They must not know my good Catholic friends whose babies have resulted from IVF ; ) (Oh, and I found myself getting involved in that one by writing a letter b/c it was just so absolutely ignorant.) Just so, so much misinformation, it makes my blood boil too. If only we had 60 viable embryos! As it is, we will be waiting 6-9 months for donated embryos to become available to us, and that doesn't guarantee that they will be viable. What a heavy topic for a Saturday morning! Hope you all and Miss A are doing well!

MyTwoLines said...

I'm Christian, but most definitely NOT conservative, and it's craziness by ultra conservatives like this that keep me leaning left :) It's utter ridiculousness to think that infertile people create so many embryos. We never had even one extra embryo in five IVFs, not even one! Mercy me.
I'd like to click on the link but alas I fear the article and it's comments would make my blood boil, and it's a beautiful Saturday and no need for boiling blood. Have a great holiday weekend!

SLESE1014 said...

OMG there are so many stupid misinformed people who open their mouths.....I too am grateful for RESOLVE and the work they do to try to educate these poor ignorant people....

As someone who went through IVF and have 5 frozen embryos left, I'm disturbed at the thought of just discarding 56 or 57 embryos...I can't even think of discarding my 5...I plan on making use of them much as I would love to have 6 kids in all...I'm guessing not all of them are going to make a baby....But they will all be given a chance!

This is just crazy talk...thank goodness the article included an educated person to refute such ridiculous claims!

Lorraine said...

My few leftover embryos would probably selectively reduce themselves, given the chance.

Looks like it's time for another donation to RESOLVE.

Brant and Amanda said...

I have been Mormon my whole life and have been dealing with infertility for almost 4 years. We have gone through IVF twice and have not heard of this fund the church should have. We do have a wonderful Family Services that helps u adopt for a minimal cost.

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