February 04, 2013

No News

By the end of last night, I managed to convince myself that what I saw on the screen was a simple functional cyst with very thin septations. (Apparently, it is quite possible for those to have their own blood supply, at least according to the research that I did.)

That kept me calm and (no pun intended) functional and able to actually get some things accomplished today. Because of that, I chickened out about calling the doctor's office. I figured if I got a call from there, I'd answer it, but I didn't.

The appointment with the gynecological oncologist is tomorrow, late in the morning. I'm assuming she will do an ultrasound, so I will just see what she has to say.

I've realized that from now on, I should only look at the ultrasound screen if I'm in the room with someone who is allowed to explain what they're seeing. Lesson learned.


Emily Erin said...

Thinking about you and hoping that things are good.

Anna said...

Praying all is well, and looking forward to your update. Hugs to you!! :)