September 17, 2013

For Laughs

I picked up a prescription of progesterone suppositories the other day, and I had to laugh when I read the instructions printed on it:

"Take 1 capsule per twice daily as directed."

I know what they meant, but still, I couldn't help but stop and think "How many of those do they think I have?!"

(And yes, we're gearing up for a new FET. Still kind of in denial land. That's a topic for another post - hopefully soon.)


Jessica said...

Several years ago, when prescribed cytotec to kickstart a missed miscarriage, it came with the same instructions, and I burst out laughing. It scared my doctor, who must have thought I had a mental break following the miscarriage news.

Silver said...

Oooh - good luck! Will be looking out for updates. I once had a mole removed and the guy who analysed it clearly used a dictaphone and gave it to a temp to type as my GP got a letter saying that my mole was "psychologically" abnormal - instead of "cytologically" abnormal. Luckily, we both laughed!

Libby said...

Oh no, looks like my comment was eaten! Good luck to you! Glad you are finally on your way to #2! Are you all moved in?