November 29, 2013

Here We Go Again

So, the second line seemed to be darkening appropriately. After testing twice a day Monday and Tuesday, I managed to limit myself to just once a day on Wednesday and yesterday.

And now there is pink. Sigh.

I was happy with how the line looked yesterday morning. And throughout the day, I was nauseous and completely, totally exhausted, to the point that I only made one of the three dishes I was planning to make for dinner, since I kept having to lay down to rest. Then once we got to R's parents house, I couldn't even manage to stay at the dinner table the whole time because I was so tired.

We got home, and I saw a tiny spot of pink. It was accompanied by a little bit of progesterone suppository gunk (sorry, TMI), so I wasn't too worried about it.

Then, when I had to get up at 4 a.m. to go to the bathroom again, this time there was pink staining. And when I laid back down, there was pain. I wouldn't exactly call it cramping, but it was something, and it didn't feel like uterine stretching pains. I know all of that can be "normal" at this point, but I'd prefer not to have any of it happening.

I was going to forego the HPT this morning, but since I continued to see staining, I decided to do it. Fortunately, the test line was significantly darker than yesterday's. It's now to the point of being the same darkness as the control line. And the staining turned to brown and seems to have tapered off. But I have had plenty of energy today, which concerns me a bit.

The first blood test is tomorrow morning. I will once again be HPTing and comparing the line to this morning's line. And the number won't really tell us a whole lot until Monday, when we'll have information about whether it's continuing to rise, and if so, how much.

We will see what happens. So far, I am just thankful for pregnancy #8, regardless of how long it lasts. I am truly enjoying this, and this time, I have not yet felt any of the underlying fear that I experienced with Miss A's pregnancy. We still desperately want this to work, of course, but us becoming parents is no longer dependent on it, so that does seem to be taking some of the pressure off. Just one more thing on a very, very long list of things we are incredibly thankful for this season.


Silver said...

I'm wondering if it's continuing implantation? In a way, there's no point in speculating - it will be what it will be - but the fact that it's now brown, there wasn't much of it and you didn't have cramps all sound like good things to me. Continuing to cross everything - hope the beta gives reassurance.

Libby said...

It's so hard to say, but it sounds promising. My previous pregnancies always started with pink staining. This one there was nothing in the beginning, so I was convinced there had not been implantation. I'll be hoping with you this week for some good numbers!

Rebecca said...

Silver - Yes, that possibility crossed my mind, too. I think it is a valid possibility.

Libby - I was the same way. My first few BFPs from FETs had pink spotting a day or so after transfer. With Miss A, I didn't have any spotting, although 2 1/2 days after transfer, I felt some very soft cat-like "kneading" sensations in my uterus. With this one, no spotting and no "kneading" or other typical implantation feelings, so I really was not expecting to see a second line when I tested.

Thank you both for hoping with me.