April 20, 2014


Yesterday was 24 weeks, which is technically the edge of viability.

From what I've read, Kiddo has a 50/50 chance of survival at this point, and every day during the 24th-25th weeks increases those odds by 3-4% per day, then 2-3% per day during the 26th and 27th weeks.

In my usual fashion of not counting my kiddos before they hatch, I am still holding my breath a bit and cheering for every extra added chance of survival that each day brings. But overall, I'm more calm this time around, as evidenced in part by my lack of constant "dear God, please let this end well" posts.

We had the fetal echocardiogram last week to get a better look at Kiddo's heart, since Miss A was born with a couple of cardiac issues and R has Brugada Syndrome. Everything looked as expected, so barring the perinatologist's ultrasound tech suddenly seeing something obvious and unexpected between now and birth, we don't have to visit the cardiologist for this Kiddo again until 2 weeks after birth. At that point, they will do an EKG to see if any abnormal rhythm pattern indicative of Brugada's is appearing. My guess is that it won't, and that will be just the first of many EKGs to come for Kiddo, as it has been for Miss A. She gets her next EKG in a few weeks.

Next up - This week will be the gestational diabetes test. Since I had it with Miss A, I asked to just do the 3-hour version of the test and save myself the trouble of having to chug down the stuff you have to drink for it twice.

I hope all of you are having a lovely spring!


Emily Erin said...

Cheering like a madwoman over here for the fact that you've reached viability! And for every day past it that you go! *rah, rah!* So glad to hear that all looks well with baby and that you're just hangin' in there!

Silver said...

Woo hoo! Fantastic news! Hope all looks great when they check the wee one's heart.

Reese said...

Hooray for 24 weeks! I'm so glad you are feeling a little less terrified this time around. After all you've been through, you deserve to enjoy pregnancy a little. Baby boy will be here soon! And Miss A is getting so big--can't believe she is already 2! Hoping that everything continues to go well for you and Baby.