January 14, 2006

Sleep Deprivation and a Few Updates

I’ve been behind on blogging, because work’s been busy this week with a couple of special events. I don’t do well when I’m sleep deprived. I tend to forget things, like where I’m supposed to be going and, ahem, articles of clothing.

I got home really late one night this week, then had to get up 6 hours later to go back. When the alarm went off, it took me a full two minutes to figure out what day it was and why the heck the obnoxious thing was buzzing at such a hideously early hour. Then as I stumbled into the lobby of the building, still half asleep, it occurred to me that I had forgotten to put a slip on under my skirt. I was too tired to care.

And since I’m telling you about my wardrobe faux pas and whining about a lack of sleep, clearly I’m still too tired to write about anything new that’s interesting. How about a couple of updates instead?

The weight thing: 20 pounds in 9 weeks may have been, um, a wee bit optimistic. The number goes down, the number goes up, the number goes down, the number goes up. But so far I am down 2 pounds, so at least it’s something. And I’m ahead of R for the moment, too. Bonus points! I think I’ll go celebrate with a piece of the cheesecake that is cooling in our fridge…I really need to get connected with some weight loss blogs like Nico suggested. Maybe they can help me break the habit of rewarding tiny little dieting successes with marathon baking session.

The perinatologist appointment: Because I’m heterozygous rather than homozygous for Factor V Leiden, the peri doesn’t think I need heparin. The information I’ve been reading online points to the same conclusion. So now I need to have a conversation with the RE. That should be interesting. “Hi, I know you’ve had years of medical school and years of experience, but here’s why I think you’re wrong…” Ok, so I’ll be tactful in real life, but it still doesn’t sound like a lot of fun.

Oh, and the peri added a couple more things to my list of things to freak out about should I ever actually see two pink lines again: higher risk of placental abruption and abnormally slow fetal growth. I can’t remember if those are courtesy of the Factor V, the MTHFR or the PAI-1, not that it really matters. Couldn’t the man tell simply by the fact that I showed up in a perinatologist’s office even though I’m not actually pregnant that I tend to obsess a tiny little bit? And that perhaps it would be best not to give me more reasons to obsess, even if they are true??

The Rh antibody test: Still haven’t done it. Every time I think of it, my veins seem to start shrieking and burrow deeper into my arms so as not to be found. But I suppose I’m going to have to suck it up at some point. Maybe this week.

P.S. Fisher Queen – if you’re reading this, check the comments section of the Jan. 10 post.


fisher queen said...

I hate all those worries! It sounds like you're doing a good job with your research though.

Thanks for the advice I appreciate it!

Nico said...

Your comment to FQ about adoption was great. I think you should post it as a post so that other people looking for similar feedback can find it too!
Sorry the other news you've gotten isn't great. Empathy training for doctors should be mandatory!