July 31, 2006

Retrieval and Fert Report

The retrieval went very well. My doctor was able to get 32 eggs. He warned us that not all of them would be mature, because he said he went into every follicle, even the smaller ones, in order to try to help "deflate" the ovaries.

We got the update today - 20 were M1s (the most mature), 7 were M2s (still mature and good, just not as mature as the M1s), 4 were immature and 1 was non-viable. They fertilized the 27 M1s and M2s, and of those, 17 fertilized normally. We are very, very happy!

The only spot of concern at the moment is that I may be developing a mild case of OHSS. I'm more bloated than I was before the retrieval, and when I lay down, it kind of hurts to breathe. My doctor was monitoring me closely for OHSS and I hadn't shown any signs through retrieval, but I know it can sometimes begin to develop after retrieval. He's bringing me back in this afternoon, I'm assuming for another ultrasound. If I do have it, hopefully it's a mild case that resolves quickly. Right now, transfer is set for Wednesday afternoon.

The Waiting Line - The IM trigger shot went fine in terms of the injection itself - no pain or anything like that. We had a little bit of drama before doing the injection, though. The pharmacy was supposed to have given me a syringe with a 1 1/2 inch needle to draw up the injection and another 1 1/2 needle to swap out and actually inject with.

It turned out the second needle was only 1 inch, but we didn't realize that until I had already put it on the syringe. I was going to swap it out with the 1 1/2 inch, because I figured how dull could that needle be - it was only poked through the rubber of the vial once, right? Well, I had put the 1 inch needle on so tight that neither R nor I could get it off. After a couple minutes of panic, I decided there really wasn't much that could be done, because the 1 inch clearly wasn't coming off and I didn't have another vial of trigger meds to draw up, so I just went ahead and injected with the 1 inch. It seems to have worked out fine.

But, about that "how dull could it be" question - trust me on this, the answer is "too dull to use." I did the first PIO injection last night. The pharmacy and the clinical coordinator said to use a 22 1/2 gauge. But the PIO I have is in cottonseed oil, which seems to be thinner than sesame oil, so I didn't think there would be a problem using a 25 gauge.

And, there probably isn't, except that it needs to be a 25 gauge that hasn't already been pushed through a rubber stopper. I stuck the 25 gauge in my ample posterior. It hurt a little as it went in, and then it stopped. I thought it was probably just because my hand was shaking a bit. So I pushed harder. After all, fat tissue is soft, right? And I've certainly got more than 1/16th of an inch of that to push through. But it wouldn't keep going.

So I pulled it out. And because I hadn't learned my lesson the first time, I stuck it in another spot. Another little bit of pain as it went in. Another refusal to go any farther. I contemplated calling the clinical coordinator and begging her call in a prescription of 25 gauge needles to a local pharmacy, but then I decided to just suck it up for the night, so I took off the 25 gauge (fortunately I had learned my lesson from the trigger and hadn't screwed it on too tight) and put on a 22 1/2 gauge.

Let me just say this: A sharp 22 1/2 gauge is much, much better than a dull 25 gauge. It didn't hurt going through the skin, and it easily went all the way in. The PIO didn't hurt going in, either. I just injected it very, very slowly.

So, I survived through my first PIO injection. I am still going to ask for the script for the 25 gauges when I go in for the ultrasound this afternoon, though.

I'm running out of computer battery power again, but I'll try to catch up with as many blogs as I can until I do.


Lucy said...

Excellent retrieval and fertilization reports! Very similar to what we had with our last IVF cycle ... (so that's a good sign from my perspective, heh heh). Yeeouch on the dull needle, sorry to hear that. All for a good cause, but dang, PIO gets old, fast. I had mild OHSS, nothing serious ... just drank lots of gatorade and took vicodin for the pain (the abdominal swelling really pressed on my ovaries ... the RE retrieved 33 eggs from us and when I told him about the discomfort he replied, "Well, yeah, I pulverized your ovaries."). Hang in there. :)

Paige said...

Great news on the fert report! Congrats and Good Luck!!!

the waiting line said...

Yes, excellent retrieval and fertilization!! Great news!!!

Keep us posted. I hope you feel better and less bloated SOON.

Shazz said...

Oh you go girl, what a great result!!! I agree with Lucy, my RE always says to drink gatorade as I produce alot of eggs too. I'm hoping this is a good sign of things to come.

Heather said...


Also, hope it isn't OHSS but if it is hope that they can help you out before it gets too painful or serious.

Nico said...

Holy smokes, that's a lot of eggs! And a great fertilization rate too. Definitely drink lots of gatorade, and make sure that the clinic keeps monitoring you. I hope the OHSS gets better soon (although it's exacerbated by pregnancy, so in a way I hope it doesn't get better THAT soon!)

fisher queen said...

I think that is the best fert report I've read about! The dull needle? OWWW!

Hopeful Mother said...

WOW on the ER and fert report. Congratulations!

I hope the OHSS stays far, far away.

We used the 22 1/2 g needle for PIO, and the 18g mixing needle to draw it up. They were sharp and still hurt pretty good. Dull needles = bad news.

Sarah said...

Fantastic news!!!
Drink Gatorade and I would certainly ask for the 25 gauge. Your backside with thank you for it!

Lara said...

Wow what a great retrieval and fert report! Im really jealous! I hope I get that many next week! :) Good luck and I hope its not OHSS, drink lots of water!

sube said...

17 fertilized!! That's amazing and wonderful. Can't wait to hear about the transfer.

Oh, and your PIO saga had me in stiches! ;)

twirl said...

Yikes! PIO with a dull needle? horror!