July 21, 2006

The Stimming Begins

The baseline ultrasound went well yesterday. 10 follicles on one side, 11 on the other. My estradiol level was 15. I have to confess that I don't know much about what estradiol levels are supposed to be, because my former clinic didn't test them during IUI cycles. But I'm assuming 15 was fine, since the cycle coordinator told me to start Follistim last night.

My friend was able to see the twins' heartbeats yesterday, and they are measuring pretty close to on target - 7w2d and 6w5d, she was 7w1d yesterday. However, she's having a bit of a scary time. She started bleeding heavily on Tuesday and went to the emergency department. There's a blood clot in her uterus. (I wonder if this is the same thing as a subchorionic hematoma?)

Her RE told her yesterday that it will likely resolve itself and pass through, and he doesn't think the babies are in any danger. Still, she's on bed rest for a few days and she's understandably concerned. She goes in for another ultrasound next week.

I know this is short - especially for me - but I have to get to work. There's about two days of work for me to wrap up, and I've got all of six hours left to do it. I'll post again once I get settled in the hotel.


Hopeful Mother said...

Sounds like your follies are growing as they should. I hope things continue to go well for you!

Meg said...

Rebecca -

Glad to her things are moving along.. be sure to let us know how everything goes.. I am concerned about a possible two week silence!

(Reaassure me, go on!)

fisher queen said...

That's agreat start for your follicles! I'm glad your friend will be OK.

the waiting line said...

Nice follicle count.

I hope your friend is "in the clear" soon.

Nico said...

Sounds like you're primed for a good cycle!

I hope that your friend's clot resolves itself soon (Katie at WannaBeMom recently went through something similar and is now just fine).

Shazz said...

Lovely googie count!! Glad to hear all is well with your friend too, how scarey for her.

Thalia said...

Sounds good. The 15 just means you are REALLY suppressed, which is what you want at this stage. I hope you managed to get your work done!