October 08, 2006

In Other News…

“…and now, we’re taking a break from our regularly scheduled fit of self-pity to bring you this important news bulletin:

I hate packing.

I promised R that I would pack like a Tasmanian devil this weekend. I have no motivation to pack, and I’ve been doing everything I can to procrastinate on it for the past few weeks.

My ‘Taz’ imitation lasted until I finished packing the guest bathroom, which was the first room I tackled. It consisted of a few towels, a couple of candles, a flower arrangement and a harness thingamajig with suction cups on both ends that is (theoretically, anyway) supposed to keep the dogs from leaping out of the tub when we’re giving them a bath.

It took me all of 10 minutes. And after that, I was ready to be done with the packing. But I pressed on, mostly because R wouldn’t let me stop.

In the room where we keep the cats when we’re not home, I dumped scratching posts, kitty beds and toys into a box without bothering to vacuum the coating of hair off them first. My mother is one of those people who cleans her entire house every weekend, and the idea of packing something without cleaning it first is beyond comprehension to her. The first thing she will do as we begin to get settled is unpack the pets’ stuff. Let’s hope I get to that box first, because if I don’t, the shock of it may be more than she can handle.

There’s still a ton of packing left to do. Did I mention that moving day is this Saturday?

It should be an interesting day. R has no problem paying other people thousands of dollars to paint the inside of our house, install landscape, etc. But spend a few hundred bucks to hire movers to load our stuff up, drive it over to the new house, and unload it? No way! He insists that he and his dad are going to move us. I don’t think it’s a money thing – it seems to be more a matter of machismo.

But here’s the thing. R is not in shape to do this, and neither is his dad. Not that I’m the picture of fitness, because I’m certainly not. But I have learned to recognize my limits. R, on the other hand, got out of bed this morning by rolling gingerly onto his side while moaning, then slowly slid his legs over the edge of the bed until he was kneeling on the ground, then put his hands on top of the bed and used his arms to push himself up, his face contorting in pain the whole time.

This, after only half a day of packing. I can only imagine what he’ll be like next Sunday morning, after moving the entire contents of a house into and then back out of a truck.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming…”


Lara said...

Hi Rebecca, thanks for your comment on my blog. Yes it was awful and Im sooo grateful it didn't go badly, I don't know if I could have shown my face in my doc's office again if I'd "let it go" OH Geez...I was horrified! My beta is 10/19, a week and a half away. Good luck with moving, its such a PITA! I may be up in Phoenix sometime soon to see my sis, maybe we can do lunch or something? I don't have definate dates yet, but if you want to let me know and I'll tell you when I'm gonna be up. :)

Watson said...

Hi Rebecca,

I hope the move went well. As well as can be expected, since in general packing and moving SUCKS.

Hopefully, you'll feel settled in soon :-)

TeamWinks said...

Ugggh, the joys of packing up all of your belongings! Don't you just love the, "So, that's where that's been!" and the "Why do I keep moving this with us?" There's also those infamous boxes at the end you mark "MISC CRAP." Good luck!

sube said...

Oh, I *so* know what you mean! I've been in packing hell, too. We'll be moving a whole bunch of stuff into storage on Saturday to prep the house before putting it on the market. What a weekend we both have in store, huh?

Hang in there.

shazz said...

Oh I hear ya with the packing and the un packing is just as bad!!! Arrggggggggggggggg.