February 17, 2007

Bad Infertility Humor

How do you know you've been dealing with infertility for waaaaayy too long? When a joke like this is funny to you:

R and I were talking a few mornings ago about the idea that since he has sperm again, and since we've gotten pregnant the natural way twice, maybe it will happen for us next month. He actually kind of gets upset at the idea, because he feels like I don't produce great eggs/lining on my own and we might be likely to repeat the miscarriage pattern. (Never mind the fact that our pregnancy conceived through treatment led to the exact same outcome!)

I assured him that I'd do my best to exercise a lot and eat low-carb, because that helps reduce the PCOS symptoms and improve egg quality.

"So, you never know - maybe one of my ovaries will cough up a relatively good egg next time around," I said.

He replied, "Ok, but can you tell it to please make sure it coughs up one with a yoke this time?"

Get it? Yoke - yoke sac? Which is what is consistently missing from the picture during our ob ultrasounds.

I told you it was bad...


the waiting line said...

It wasn't bad -- it was quite funny and clever in fact. :-)

Hang in there.

Kellie said...

It made me smile!

Jen said...

I got a good one too, but only I found it funny.

It was my 35th birthday and I was in the supermarket. I was in the egg aisle and I thought I better buy some eggs because the eggs in my refrigerator expired that day. And then I thought, gee my EGGS expire today. Only I thought it was funny.