February 06, 2007

A Leap of Faith

Big changes are afoot over here.

I gave my two weeks' notice today at work. It's something I've been thinking about and R and I have been talking about for a while, but still, the timing was a surprise even to me. R had been hesitant for us to take this step right now, but yesterday he did an about face and said, "Why don't you quit?"

So today I did. I won't be staying home full time, but I'll go into more detail in another post. For now, let's just say that at least I'll have more time to blog and to catch up with all of you.

Between this and the sudden house-buying of last fall, I seem to be living my life on the impulsive lately, don't I? Let's hope this works out as well as the house has!

Not much to report on the fertility front. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough tissue from Baby B to do any chromosomal testing. We had hoped there would be, and that that would provide us with some answers.

Basically, our next steps are:

1) I have to have blood drawn for a genetic karotype to see if I have some sort of chromosomal issue that might be causing genetic abnormalities in the embryos. (R had his done a few years ago when he was first diagnosed with male factor, and it was normal.)

2.) We have to get an answer from our clinic about whether we can do PGD since we are in their shared-risk plan. They generally don't allow patients to do the shared risk plan if they need PGD, but usually they know before patients enter the plan if PGD is necessary or not. It sounds like Doc is willing to consider it, but he has to get the other partners in his practice to sign off on it. Doc wants to do PGD if my karotype comes back abnormal. I want to do it even if the karotype comes back normal, in the hopes that it might provide some more clues to why I keep miscarrying.

3.) R had to have another date with a cup. Since his surgery, for the past 18 months his counts have ranged from barely within normal to practically non-existent when he's not on Arimidex, even though his testosterone level now seems to be holding steady in the normal range. (It was very abnormally low before the surgery.) Because of the fluctuations, Dr. Crass (the urologist) wants to recheck his hormone levels and counts before agreeing to restart the Arimidex.

4.) Unless something unforeseen happens, we're planning fresh IVF #2 for late spring. Retrieval should be sometime the first week of May, and I will probably be spending Mother's Day on bedrest. At least that would be a nice change from the recent years' routine of spending it miscarrying.

Since I'm going to have much more flexibliity in my schedule soon, I have big plans to exercise like crazy and acquaint myself with our kitchen in an attempt to lose the weight these past two cycles have piled on. Forget outgrowing jeans or shirts - I've outgrown my SHOES! Eeeeekkkk!


Thalia said...

Thanks for the update, it's good to know you're alright. Sounds like you've got a plan, I hope it gives you some answers.

the waiting line said...

Glad to hear from you!!

I'm so envious that you're able to quit your J.O.B. Congrats and enjoy!