October 08, 2007

Woo Hoo!! (aka Goal #1 Achieved)

I am going to celebrate tiny little milestones in this weight loss process because, well, sometimes tiny little milestones are all that I've got. So...

Milestone #1 - I'm now back below 200 pounds. Yea!! I've never been so happy to see the scale say "199" in my entire life. (You've gotta keep in mind, this is a 5'7" gal who weighed 105 at one time in her life. Granted, that was not a healthy time, but that's beside the point at the moment.)

My next milestone is going to be getting below 195. I've decided to set 5-pound increments for my goals, and a secondary goal of getting to the next goal every 10 days or so. I know that sounds fast, but I'm doing it as much through exercise as I am through cutting back on what I'm eating.

Now, for some comments in response to the comments on my last post:

Grad3 - You crack me up! ;-)

Nico - I hope so! The feeling was still there this past weekend, unfortunately. I think I might be stuck with it for a while...

Anna - I'm glad I've got some running company, even if it's virtual company! :-) I've found that the more I run, the less I crave sweets. I'm not sure why that is, I'm just grateful that it's so. And thank you for the knee advice. I might have to give that a try. I had surgery when I was in my teens - something about the muscle that extends from my hip to my knee pulling my kneecap out of place. The surgeon said it's very common in dancers/gymnasts, and I did gymnastics for several years, so that was probably the cause of it. I also find that if I do my physical therapy exercises when it starts acting up, that usually helps.

And now for a completely unrelated comment...Do you know how to make a cat dance? Toss her into the middle of a room where the carpet has just been steam-cleaned and watch her try to figure out how to exit the room without getting her paws wet. Yes, this is what my evening's entertainment has been reduced to. Sad, isn't it? But also darn funny. I never knew a cat could walk on baseboards!


Nico said...

Congrats on making your first goal! I think setting small incremental goals is a great way to go - not nearly as overwhelming that way.

It's also really nice that when you exercise you don't feel like sweets as much. Double whammy!

Anna said...

Wow! Good for you on your goal! Keep it up! It's so wonderful when you can actually start SEEING results!

I'm up to 4.25 miles (on the treadmill), but my real hurdle is the sweets. I started going back to the gym in the summer, and I'm getting there 5 days a week. I keep overing in a 4 pound range and I'm setting a goal to lose 10 pounds (I changed it from 20 pounds, which was changed from 30). Maybe I should just take a cue from you and make it 5, and then go for another 5 once I get there. Yesterday was my first day without any candy. (I'm really bad - several bite sized 100K bars, maybe a hershey's, at least 5 frozen mini peppermint patties. That doesn't include the mallomars or soft mini chocolate chip cookies). So far I've made it today without any candy, just a few chocolate covered peppermint altoids. But I'm hungry more often and we have full sized candy bars in our office for Halloween! Ack!

Anyway, you really are soing so well - you should be proud of yourself. I'm so happy for you! Now if only I could tame my own sugar beastie...

Keep up the great work!

Beagle said...

That's wonderful!

(The cat thing cracked me up!)

Grad3 said...

Awesome for making your first goal!! If I were you I would take myself out to somewhere tasty- but still healthy :)

Nice work, I hope that the next 5 pounds come off just as quickly as these last ones!

JKH said...

So happy for you that you made your first weightloss goal!!! That's AWESOME!!! You are so inspiring!!!! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS ARE IN ORDER!!!!

OMG I'm cracking up about the cat thing! I SOOOOO want to try it on our cat!! Hee Hee!!! (That's sad, isn't it?)