September 30, 2007

Weighing In

Um, about that whole weight loss thing...It isn't going quite as planned.

It started off well enough, with a 5-pound loss in about 2 weeks. I was pretty pleased. Then I spent 11 days out of town undergoing the antibiotic therapy. I thought I would have lost weight, because I did a lot more walking than usual. But apparently I also did a lot more eating than usual, because I gained the 5 pounds back, plus a couple of extra ounces to boot.

So I decided that I needed some extra motivation. There's an annual marathon/half-marathon race in our town each year in January, so I considered entering the half marathon. (Mind you, at this point I can't even run a half mile, much less a half marathon.)

But then I contemplated it more and realized that 1) I'm probably overreaching just a tad bit to think I could go from 0 to 13.1 in 3 months; and 2) even if I could run 13.1 miles, I have Absolutely. No. Desire. to do so.

I opted to set my sights at a more realistic level, so now my goal is to run in a 5K race on New Year's Day. And preferably to not finish in last place. Although honestly, to finish at all will be an accomplishment.

I found a 5K training program online. It's 8 weeks long. I finished the first week of it this week. Basically, it involves running incrementally longer distances on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, walking on Sundays and resting on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Because I have cranky knees, and because I'm not in shape at all, I've opted to spend Tuesdays and Thursdays doing the distances on an elliptical machine we have at home. On Saturdays, the plan is to go to the local high school, which has a soft, cushy track, and run there.

This Saturday was my first actual run. And I've discovered yet another joy of infertility: After all of those PIO shots, my ass now hurts when I run. More precisely, it stings. For about the first two laps, anyway. Then it turns into more of a dull, mostly numb ache. Or maybe it's just by that point I'm so focused on the feeling that my lungs are about to explode that I don't notice the pain in my ass as much.

I mentioned it to R. He said, "Well, what do you expect? We've poked you so many times, your mucles are now full of holes."

Great. Now my brain is stuck on the image of two pieces of Swiss cheese where my glutes are supposed to be...


Grad3 said...

lol... yes but swiss cheese is tasty? Not that I am hitting on you or anything ;)

You should be very proud of yourself for taking strides to take better care of yourself... you go girl!!

Nico said...

The 5K training program sounds like an excellent plan! Hopefully the swiss cheese feeling will go away soon.

Anna said...

I've just started jogging again, and it's hard to get back to where I used to be!

As for the cranky knees, I have a suggestion. I hope you won't mind the assvice...

I went to physical therapy because apprently my extensor tendons in my knees are "pissed off". I started using a combination of castor oil and eucalyptus oil and it's helped. You could use peppermint oil, too - whicever you can find or prefer. I bould a 4 oz. bottle of castor oil and a .5 oz. bottle of the eucalyptus essential oil and rub it in every morning and night. Really helps. It comes from Edgar Cayce, but I figured the worst that would happen is I'd smell like eucalyptus.

Hang in there and good luck with the running - don't give up! I might even be able to lose some weight if I could stop eating sweets! ; )