March 15, 2008

Totally OT - Pet Safety Question

Okay, this is totally not related to infertility, but I'm hoping someone out there has an answer to this question.

We have lived in a two-story house for about 18 months, and I'm just now getting around to ordering an escape ladder to keep upstairs in our bedroom. Hopefully we will never need it, but if we ever do, we have quite the zoo to evacuate from our house.

I've found a ladder that I'm going to buy, but I can't find anything that we could use to help get our two dogs out the window and down the ladder. They both weigh about 40 pounds, so those cute little carriers that work for dogs like Yorkies and pom poms wouldn't work, because all of those seem to have a limit of 20 to 22 pounds.

One of our dogs is accustomed to being carried around (albiet, something we did more frequently when she was still at her 25-30 pound stage). However, going out a window with a fire happening is something that I imagine might make even her a bit squirmy. Our little guy is not used to being carried, so he'd squirm from the start.

They do both have harnesses (made out of the same material as their leashes), but I don't know that those would be strong enough to hold them if we tried to lower them with that.

For the cats, I figure we could just stick them both in a small duffel bag and sling it over our shoulder. (Much easier to carry in a situation like that than their pet carriers.) The snitty one would probably try to fight the nice one, but then again, given the circumstances under which sticking them in there would happen, she might be too shocked to start anything.

At any rate, we still need a solution for the dogs. So if anyone has one, please speak up. I can't believe this has not been addressed in the retail market, but this is the first time I've ever lived in a two-story house, so I've never had to look for something like this. Thanks.


Debbie said...

I'm sorry that I don't have a solution for you but I'm glad you brought this up. We have lived in a two story house for about 15 months now with no escape plan!

I'm off to go buy a ladder now....

ntw my blog is private now but if you would like to join me please email me at debbiehowarth at gmail dot com.

Erika said...

WOW - I have never thought of that problem before. Two dogs, one cat, no way to get them out from upstairs.

Thanks for pointing out this conundrum! I have no idea what to do about it.

Jen said...

Buy a sturdy duffel bag with strong handles. Cut off the ends of the bag. Slide the bag underneath the dog like a sling. Make sure the fabric underneath is wide enough the support the chest & belly. Use the handles to carry the dog down the ladder.