January 26, 2009

Hello, Ovaries, is Anyone Home??

I found out this afternoon that I have to be in Denver on Wednesday morning, so I'm scrambling to make travel arrangements and pack.

It's supposed to be 29 degrees for the HIGH tomorrow! 29 degrees!! BRRRRR! And 22 for the low. Keep in mind, I'm coming from 70-degree weather. My ovaries are going to freeze.

Although at the moment, they don't seem inclined to do much else, so maybe the cold temps will help shock them into action. Five days of stims, and if it's possible, I think my follicles have shrunk! Seriously, on Saturday a local RE measured only two of them (one on each side), and this morning, he didn't even bother to measure one. There was no point - they were all tiny.

So RE has decided to take a shock and awe approach: he's tripling my stims tonight. Granted, in my case, "tripling" means 225 units. Then tomorrow night it's 150 units. Still 1 vial tomorrow morning and Wednesday morning. I'll be curious to see what happens to my E2 levels, because last time my follicles stayed dormant until they bumped the stims to 150, and then my E2 went crazy and shot up from 1,100 to 3,700 in about 48 hours.

I have to stim faster this time, because I don't think my veins can handle having blood drawn for 12 days in a row again. Today was only the third blood draw, and the phlebotomist had to resort to a second stick. When I get to Colorado, I'm going to have to ask for the phlebotomist who used to work with cancer patients - she was a godsend during the last cycle. That lady really knows how to find a vein, even when there's not one to be found!

If anyone else is going to be in Colorado this week, let me know and maybe we can connect.


DAVs said...

WAKE UP ovaries! I hope the bump in stims does the trick.
Things are moving fast fast fast, have fun in the super cold weather!

kayjay said...

GL with your cycle! I'll be following along and wishing you good things. I hope that the increased dosage will jump start your ovaries and you'll see some action from them. Who knows, maybe the cold temperatures and the high altitude will combine to make perfect conditions for you. Keep us posted if you can.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your cycle! I have been following your journey. I hope this new protocol produces lots of eggies for you. I have done it for 2 of my fresh cycles. Are you doing CGH with this cycle too? Stay warm out there in Denver!

Anna said...

I will be nowhere near Colorado, but my best wishes go with you!

When you first wrote 29º, I thought, "That's not too bad!" But when you say you're coming from 70º, well, yeah - that's a HUGE jump. We had a week with highs in the teens, so you can see my perspective on this ;)

Good luck and safe journey!

Sue said...

I initially had no sympathy at all for that cold CO weather (that ain't cold...you aint seen cold! lol). But, then I read you are used to 70 degree weather...so yeah, bundle up!!!

I hope the bump in stims kick starts your ovaries (but not TOO MUCH!!!). I'm sure it will be just the thing:-) Good luck traveling! (and try to have some fun in Denver!)

MamaSoon said...

Good luck! I just got my CGH crap results today, if you can call them results.

I hope your ovaries respond like you want them too. Will you continue with the cycle regardless of how many are there?

WIshing you the best.

Polly Gamwich said...

Oh good luck!! I hope those ovaries kick into overdrive!! And those blood draws - it's ridiculous ... I just tell em to go straight for the hand!

MrsSpock said...

Maybe the ovaries are just in the mood for skiing?

Hope the shock and awe does the trick and you avoid OHSS!

Linda said...

I'm a 15-day stimmer myself (both times with first time retrieving 30 eggs and second time retrieving 34 eggs), so I understand about getting blood draws day after day. I'm not sure which phlebotomist you're talking about, but the one who did my blood draws is really good. She even came to my hotel to give me the trigger shot. :) I wish you the best of luck and hope you get lots of normal eggies!

Grad3 said...

The one cycle where I had stims they kinda stalled and then were HEY!

Hope the cold temps are just what your ovaries need ;)

Wishing all the best!!! ~Hugs~