January 28, 2009

My Ovaries: Neither Shocked Nor Awed

First things first: if you haven't visited MamaSoon yet, please go send her some hugs and encouragement. I thought I was disappointed with our four "no results" results, but her two-month wait ended with an even more unexpected outcome.

This whole process is so frustrating - it seems like there's always more waiting to do. In R's and my case, we're waiting on my ovaries, which were not at all shocked or awed by the increase in stims: Here I am on day 8 of the injections (8!), and my largest follicle measures in at a whopping 12 mm. Clearly, my ovaries are unphased by anything that is thrown at them, and they stubbornly continue to plod along at their own pace.

I really, really did not want to be here for two weeks again, so I'm rather annoyed that they made me come out so soon, but it is what it is. At least one of the perks of being here is better access - I finally got the embryo grading and CGH reports, and the chance to talk with someone about thawing and rebiopsying the embryos, all of which I had asked for two weeks ago but never received.

We've decided to just transfer back our four "no results" at some point without attempting to re-biopsy them. The geneticist said they've only had 5 couples opt to re-biopsy after getting "no results," and while they haven't lost any embryos in the process of doing so, it does put additional stress on them. We were leaning very strongly toward not re-biopsying them anyway, so we decided to just stick with our gut feel.

As for the rest of our embryos, here's how they broke down:

3AA on Day 5 - no results from CGH
1 on Day 5, 5AA on Day 6 - abnormal (chromosome 21 loss)
3BA on Day 5 - no results
3BA on Day 5 - no results
4AA on Day 5 - abnormal (chrom. 4 gain, 22 gain, technically considered "chaotic")
4BA on Day 5 - no results
3AA on Day 5 - abnormal (chrom. 22 gain)
2 on Day 5, 5AA on Day 6 - abnormal (chrom. 22 gain)
1 on Day 5, 4AA on Day 6 - abnormal (Turner's syndrome, which is missing the second gender chromosome)
C on Day 5, 5AA on Day 6 - abnormal (chrom. 5 loss, 22 gain, another chaotic)

It seems that others who have done CGH have had their best-graded ones come back abnormal, while the average or below average graded ones come back normal. So, I'm hoping that means at least a couple of our 3AA and 3AB ones are normal, though we won't know until we attempt to do a transfer and see if one sticks.

Despite all of the less-than-stellar "no results" results people have been getting from CGH lately, we will do it again, because at least in this case it helped us eliminate a bunch of them from transfer. It may not save us from all future miscarriages, but it probably saved us from at least a couple.


DAVs said...

Oh wow you're already in Colorado! I'm glad you at least have better access. And I agree--it seems lots of ladies get their 'normal' results on their less than perfect blasts. Hoping for the same for you, and that you get a lot more to work with this go around!
Wake up ovaries!!

Sue said...

I'm praying that those less than beautiful embryos are the healthiest ones (for both of us). That might end up explaining a lot of our failures! Sorry you are there so long again. I've been kind of hoping that our next stint later next month is much shorter, but I think I'm getting the feeling I'll be there for close to 2 weeks too:-) Oh well, just so you know, slow and steady supposedly makes better embryos...so hang in there! Hugs!

Grad3 said...

So sorry for all the frustration. There were so many times I hated my body and yet was trapped. Ugh...

I hope that you wait isn't that much longer. And you get a couple of nice 'average' healthy eggs. My ob was telling me about how a patient under went IVF and transferred 2 'poor quality' embryos-- she's now happily pg with healthy twins. I pray the same will be for you!!! ~Hugs and prayers~

MamaSoon said...

Thanks for the shoutout!

I'll tell you. I find it so amazing that the best graded are often 'abnormal'. It is like they are growing too well and it is due to an anomaly. Sigh.

Very excited to cheer you through this cycle. Let's hope the CGH yields some great NORMALS this time.

MrsSpock said...

I am sending out my good vibes that the shock and awe you will be feeling is from the success of one or two of those "no results" embryos.

Now, come on ovaries! You can do it!

Anniep said...

I find it very interesting that 3 of them had issues with #22... not sure why. :-) Also interesting was that w/ our results (only had 3 make it to testing) the day5 blast looked the best, and was frozen on day 5 (duh). 2 more made it to blast on day6 and were frozen then. It was the day 5 one that was abnormal and the 2 day6 guys were normal. hmmm!!

I think your plan sounds good. Might as well stockpile the eggs/embies while you've still got 'em!

btw, I was there for 2 weeks for my cycle, too... took me friggin' forever to stim. 14 days.