August 29, 2009

Surgery is Scheduled

So it's official: on Sept. 10, my thyroid and I will part ways. I'm hoping this is the thing that's the key to me being able to stay pregnant, but I am very clear that there's no guarantee of that in any way. To start with, though, I'll just be grateful if it means I don't constantly shake anymore and my heart stops doing cartwheels in my chest.

People keep asking me if I'm nervous about it. And I'm sure I will be, starting a few days beforehand. But right now, I'm just looking forward to getting a step closer to being able to do a transfer again.

This is completely random and off the cuff, and I don't usually share much about R that's personal. But I think he's having a good day, and he hasn't had a lot of those lately, so it makes me happy and I'm sharing it.

He spent this afternoon at his best friend's house. There have been times during the past several years when that has been tough, because his BFF has a 6-year-old son. Even though they struggled with IF too, they're one of those couples who seems to have completely forgotten what all those emotions were like as soon as their son was born. BFF has even gone so far as to try to reason us out of the sadness and pain we feel, so at some points, we've had to distance ourselves.

But today sounds like a good day. When I talked to him a little while ago, he said he'd played computer games with the 6-year-old, and the two of them were in R's truck driving to their next activity, with BFF and some others in a different car.

It was just good to hear R having a happy day in the presence of a child.


Sue said...

I think it is great that surgery is soon and you will be that much closer to a transfer! I have thyroid issues too but mine seem to be under control...but I know I would do the exact same thing in your shoes. I have 2 good friends who have had their thyroids removed and they are both absolutely fine...and there is no difference if you are already on a daily synthroid. I want you to bring your babies home!

I'm glad your DH is having a good day with his BFF. I know how distancing IF can be and how it shakes up how we think about everything and how we react to a good day is worth celebrating:-)

Grad3 said...

Glad to hear that things are on a upswing :) Good days are always worth celebrating- even if it's just with a smile of contentment and phone call (or post in this case!)

I hope that the surgery brings great hope and even better pregnancy results. GL and please keep us posted. ~Hugs~

DAVs said...

Yay for getting the surgery scheduled! I wish you an easy recovery and a quick time getting your thyroid dose all perfect when you're done. And then you can get to a transfer!!!

MrsSpock said...

Men can be so much more quiet about their grief, that it can be easy to forget they feel it strongly too.

I hope these surgery goes smoothly and is the straw that breaks infertility's back.

Thalia said...

really very glad your thyroid is about to be sorted out. And that R had a good day.

Hopeful Mother said...

I hope this is the END of your thyroid and other health problems, and the BEGINNING of many, many other good things in your life, including finally starting a family.