August 10, 2010

As I Said...

It's a week later. (Okay, 9 days, though I did actually test 2 days ago, so that part was exactly a week.) Anyway, as I said in my last post...still only 1 single line. And then CD1 showed up.

So, no big happy surprise.

I guess the cramping I was feeling just before we left for vacation must have been ovulation rather than implantation. I used to only have a few sharp pinches around ovulation time, but within the past year or so I've been noticing a bit of spotting around that time and cramping rather than pinching. I wonder if it means my ovaries are covered in scar tissue from all of the retrievals? They've each been poked with a needle more than 50 times, so I wouldn't be surprised.

Oh, and about the hot tub - thank you all for the advice. I decided to follow the prevailing vote and stay out of it. Oddly enough, no one else expressed interest in going in again all week, which was particularly surprising given the group we were with.

One thing I am happy about (in that odd way that only someone who's been dealing with IF for a ridiculously long time can be) is that at least my post-ovulation progesterone levels seemed to be higher than they usually are, given all the symptoms I had. So maybe my body is functioning in a semi-normal way in at least one respect.

And now, I need to cross my fingers that it continues to do so. I spoke with RI's office today. I'm still waiting for the test orders, but one of them will be an endometrial biopsy, which from what I understand has to take place at a certain point after ovulation. So I will be starting up with the OPK pee sticks in about 10 days. Given my ovaries' propensity to quiet down when I need them to work (and to work when I need them to be quiet), I could wind up going through quite a few sticks.

To that end - and since I kind of pigged out on vacation - I regrouped again yesterday to cut the refined sugar and caffeine out of my diet.

It's day 2. I'm hungry, I'm cranky, I'm sleepy, and I. Want. Sugar.

I've been eating fruit in an attempt to compensate - strawberries, raspberries. I cut up an entire watermelon last night. I eyed a banana as dessert. Of course, it would have been much better sliced up over a bowl of ice cream and chocolate sauce, but I figure I have to make it for at least 48 hours. :-) (Ideally, much longer.)

I know it gets better. It's just this initial withdrawl period that stinks.


Silver said...

All that fruit-eating - very virtuous! I'm sorry that CD1 appeared and not better news. The progesterone levels sound good though - like you say, at least that's something. You sound characteristically philisophical about it all - as ever, I'm impressed.

lastchanceivf said...

Oh man, I'm sorry about the one line. Peeing on a stick is the surest way to bring on stupid AF.

I really admire you giving up sugar--I did it for three months for our final cycle and it was killer.

Blossom and Her Fruit said...

Aw crap! I was so hoping for you.
You are strong to cut out sugar. That is really tough. Having all the yummy summer fruit really helps. You can still have smoothies with those fruits too!
thinking of you

Libby said...

Sorry you didn't get a pleasant surprise this month. I get that way too, always thinking maybe this is THE month. After 8 years, you'd think I'd learn!

And sugar. Oh how I love it when I'm trying to stay away with it. Hope it's going well for you!