October 12, 2010

Good News - Not Sure What To Do With This

The results of the NK tests that were done on the biopsied tissue came in today. Apparently there are two types of cells they look for - one type is bad, so they don't want to see that in the endometrial lining, and the other is good, so they want to see lots of those.

It turns out I have none of the bad cells and lots of the good cells.

In other words, good news on one small front in the infertility fight.

It's been so long since we've gotten good news relating to infertility that I just sat there stupified for a minute. I don't think I trusted my brain to interpret what I was hearing, because I had to ask "You mean, my test results are good? Really??"

I'd like to think that this means my uterus isn't killing off the embryos, but I haven't heard the results of the other endometrial biopsy test (for the beta-3 integrin) yet, so I guess that thinking is still a bit premature at this point.

I sent an e-mail to ask the clinic when they think those test results might come in, so hopefully we'll also have that answer soon.


Mo and Will said...

Rebecca, Here's to good news!! - even though I imagine it is hard to make sense of and complicates the picture. what was the test that was run exactly? we've had endometrial function testing done but i think that's different. wondering if we should throw this one into the mix, if need be. i will be following along to find out the results of your beta integrin test as well. we ended up just doing the depot lupron so skipped that test (i have endo so "wanted" the depot lupron anyway).

Hope you get the other results soon and that it helps to figure out next steps. I wish all of this - or hell, any of this - were easier. thinking of you.


Libby said...

It's always nice to get a little good news thrown in here and there!

You've raised my curiosity regarding NK cells. I've only had my blood levels tested (mildly high), and the recommendation was intralipids. My current RE is the one credited with discovering that intralipid could suppress NK activity. She never mentioned testing for NK cells in the uterine lining though. Dang it, I hope I'm not wasting more money on a treatment I may not necessarily need! Oh well, what's a few more $!

Hope your other test results comes back quickly :)

lastchanceivf said...

Hooray for good news! I hope your next results are also good!