October 05, 2010

A Random Thought 'Dancing' Through My Head

This is completely unrelated to anything about infertility, but...

I'm catching up on last night's TV, and can I just say - I hope I can move like Florence Henderson when I'm 76 years old!

I couldn't even dance half as well today, when I'm less than half her age. That lady is amazing!


Sue said...

Haha...I haven't been able to catch Dancing with the Starts yet but we keep DVR'ing it and my mom tells me all about how good Florence Henderson is (its like one of the few topics we don't fight about)!

I read but got distracted before commenting on your last post...but I wanted to say this- I envisioned the endo biopsy the same way you did and cringed every time I thought about someone getting one. I really thought they actually cut off a piece of the lining, kind of like a mole or skin tag or something, so you are definitely not alone there. I would have been terrified and probably begged for valium, lol, like I did with the HSG years ago (because I had a family member have an incredibly bad experience). Unfortunately, my RE at the HSG said "here take a valium" and literally 5 minutes later was in there with the dye!!! It didn't hurt but the valium kicked in about a half hour later, lol.

So, in the end, I'm just glad you were able to handle the endo biopsy and that it is all done and over. A very good friend of mine (the one I've blogged about who is on her 11th IVF cycle!) had one this week too and it ended up being 2 biopsies b/c Dr. Sch didn't get enough cells on the first one. She said the same thing you did. Not horribly painful but uncomfortable, especially that second one.

Now, we await results...is it 2 weeks?

Libby said...

I've tried to watch, but my DH usually has his way with the remote! It's hard to believe she is 76!