December 11, 2011

Am I Doing This Correctly? (And, 24 Weeks!)

The doppler arrived a few days ago, but I'm not sure I'm really finding Kiddo's heartbeat.

I've used it 4 or 5 times so far, and every single time, the sound that I think is Kiddo's heartbeat has been in the exact same place - right above my hairline, just to the left of center. The rate has been in the 130s-140s, but should it always be in the same place?

I do think it's been Kiddo at least once or twice, though. The first time we used it, there was a lot of static as I was moving the probe around and figuring out how to use it. Kiddo was not happy - I got kicked a couple of times. :-)

The next time, I found the heartbeat pretty quickly, but then I think Kiddo tried to hide by burrowing deeper toward my back, because the sound got more faint after a few seconds. I'm sure s/he must be thinking "Oh, great, here we go again..." every time I turn the doppler on... :-)

On a related note, we reached 24 weeks on Friday. I still can't believe it. I have now started a new countdown to 28 weeks, which the peri's office has repeatedly mentioned as the point at which there's not just a chance of viability but 90 percent odds of viability with a good outcome.

So, 3 weeks and 5 days to go 'til 28 weeks...


Emily Erin said...

When I always got the heartbeat in the same spot, generally I was getting the placenta. Of course, that still indicates that things are going well. Perhaps you can take the doppler to your next appointment and ask for pointers? So glad that you've made it to viability-- cheering for you over the next 4 weeks (and beyond!)

Nico said...

I generally find truffle's hb in around the same area, for me it's usually to the left of my bellybutton, about an inch or so up from my hairline. If you're getting the placenta it's a slower, more swooshy sound, your heartbeat will be much slower... if you're hearing a thump thump at 130-140bpm sounds to me like that's it alright. I think they don't really flip around that much - this past weekend was the first time I felt any kicks that were not way down near my pelvis. Haven't checked the hb since then but I'm guessing it might have moved? YAY for 24 weeks!!!!

Rachie Pachie said...

Yay for 24wks! :)

I would think at 24wks, you could reasonably expect to hear the HB at the same area. When I went to my OB appts, he always found the HB in the lower right quadrant of my belly! I think the bigger baby gets, the more of a chance you'll have to look a bit more. At least that is what it seemed when I took care of patients at 18-22wks versus 35+wks!

So excited for you, girl! :)

Libby said...

Sorry, no doppler help here! I did use a stethoscope on our dog one time ; )

So happy that you are 24 weeks! Keep up the good work :)

Kate said...

As long as the heart rate doesn't match yours, you've found the baby. Whether you're hearing placenta, cord, or the heart doesn't matter. If your baby's not moving around much, I think it is possible to hear the heartbeat in the same spot, and lower in the abdomen is normal at your stage of pregnancy. Sounds like you're doing well at listening in!
Yay for less than 4 weeks to 28 weeks, and congrats on hitting viability!

Jay said...

YAY @ reaching 24 weeks! I'm so very happy and relieved for you!

I can't wait for you to get to 28 weeks, and beyond :)