January 16, 2012

R Discovers the World of Diapers

I'm behind on the post I promised, although on the bright side it's in large part because I had a productive weekend nesting, i.e. cleaning up some of the messes I've let pile up in the house, and starting to research Kiddo stuff like car seats and strollers.

So, to fill in the gap until that post, I'll leave you with a bit of humor from R's online browsing session this evening...

Apparently, he caught the Kiddo-related research bug from all the info I shared with him over the weekend, because he's sitting here next to me exploring di.ape.rs.com.

All of a sudden, I hear:

(in an incredulous tone) "186 results??!?"

Followed a moment later by "19 different brands of diapers!" (still half incredulous, but now I can tell from a slight shift in tone that the enormity of all the different baby stuff that you need to wade through is starting to sink in.)

There's a big sigh.

Then, "Even better, here are diaper types..." And he proceeds to list off about 20 different ones. (Most of them, I can tell he has no idea what they are. But heck, neither do I, so there's no judgment from me on his lack of knowledge.)

That's followed by "17 different sizes??" and another big sigh.

And then, finally:

"So I think I'll leave diaper ordering up to you..."


Libby said...

If it was DH and me, diaper decisions would definitely be better left to me. He would try the cheapest first, and we would finally end up with my choice. That's good that at least he realizes what you are up against though ; ) Happy nesting!

MyTwoLines said...

Best part of the post is that you are NESTING!! Woo hoo!

MrsSpock said...

Nesting is good :). Diaper sizes are based on weight. We typically use cloth, but are using more disposables with our daughter due to yeast/diaper rash issues. I prefer Pampers, but have tried generic CVS, Walgreens, and Sam's brand with success. Check out Amazon.com subscribe and save and sign up for Amazon Mom for free and get a huge pack for 30-50% off.