January 09, 2012

Third Trimester! And Quick Updates

Yikes, I can't believe it's been two weeks since I last posted! I have lots of posts I want to write but haven't gotten to them yet. Hopefully I will have a little more time this week and next.

For now, some quick updates, and I will come back and do a proper post within the next day or so:

* I finally, finally, finally finished the last of the 3 papers I had to do for my fall class at about 2:30 a.m. today. That's part of the reason for my lack of posts - I made a rule for myself that I would not do anything else online until I got that done. It was due sometime around Oct. 23, which was about 10 weeks ago. I have no good excuse, just that I hit a writer's block with this particular assignment and couldn't figure out how to get through it. The professor was very kind to grant me an incomplete and allow so much extra time to finish it, and he was very generous to give me a B in the class overall. I would have been grateful for a C. I had toyed with taking a class or two this semester, but you'll be happy to hear that I have come to my senses and decided not to do that.

* I have gestational diabetes. The downside is that I have to stick my finger four times a day to test. The upside is that as a result, I am back to weekly appointments. Thank God! These last 2 weeks between appoitnments were some of the longest of my life, and that was the only time I had gone more than 11 days between appointments. They are going to start doing cord blood flow checks and biophysical profiles on Kiddo with this next appointment, and they're starting my twice-a-week non-stress tests and biophysical profiles a week early, during the 31st week instead of the 32nd.

* Kiddo was up to 2 lb. and 14 oz. on Friday, which measured in the 67th percentile. I was just hoping for more than 2 pounds, so I was thrilled we were so close to 3 pounds. It was the best appointment we've had so far, one of the happiest days of this pregnancy, even with the gestational diabetes diagnosis factored in.

* The doctor was a bit shocked that I was actually willing to have a conversation about delivery methods and a due date. Apparently the hospital only schedules four C-sections a day, so she said if that is a route we are considering, we need to get on the calendar now. We can always cancel if we decide to try for a vaginal birth, because apparently it's easier to schedule those closer to the day of. So we opted for March 23 or March 21. Hopefully we'll find out on Friday if she was able to get one of those dates.

And, for a bit of humor, I will leave you with a real conversation my mom and I had this morning:

In true Borderline Personality Disorder style, everything has to be about her, so she has taken on the gestational diabetes diet with a vengance and decided to do it with me. She has called at least half a dozen of her friends to tell them about the diagnosis and that this is how she has to eat for the next few months. (I haven't told R he has to change his diet one bit, so why she feels compelled to do this I'm not sure, other than because of her BPD.)

So this morning, she was looking over the list of portion sizes for each food. She has a huge sweet tooth (which I inherited), so she was very excited to see that cake was listed on there.

I pointed out to her that the serving size is 2 inches by 2 inches, and I held my fingers apart to show her just how big - or, rather, how small - that is. Her face fell, because really it's not more than two bites' worth of cake.

Then she thought for a moment, looked down at the list again, and said, "Yeah, but it doesn't say there's a limit on how high you can pile the frosting!"

Only my mother... :-)


Reese said...

I am so excited that you are in your THIRD trimester! Good job for pushing through the writer's block and finishing that paper--I can't count the hours I've spent staring at the cursor blinking on my blank computer page during my college career. And I'm glad you decided not to pile on the classes this semester--you deserve the break. Kiddo is coming along nicely--keep up the good work.

Rachie Pachie said...

LOL about the frosting comment!

Great job finishing that paper & deciding to NOT take any classes this semester! :)

Sorry to hear about the gestational diabetes, but it is nice to have that positive spin & seeing the doctor more frequently again!

Hope the next week goes great for you & that one of those dates worked out for you.

Nico said...

So great to be in the third tri!!!

Also, congrats on finally finishing those papers. Whew!

Sorry about the GD, but more monitoring is not a bad thing :)

And wow for talking about dates! you go girl!!!

MyTwoLines said...

Hooray for third trimester!

I'm so sorry about the gestational diabetes, ugh. We see tons of gestationals here and we are tough on them--they have to give us bloog sugar logs weekly so we can adjust their insulin (those that are on insulin). Hoping you can do it all with diet!

Yummy, frosting :)

Libby said...

Oh, I think I like your mom! Mmmm...frosting! Sorry about the diabetes though. My DH is diabetic, just a few pounds overweight, exercises, yet still has a heck of a time trying to control it. Not fun at all!

Congrats on picking a date too! You are so close!

Kate said...

Awesome news on making it past 28 weeks. Outcomes are so great after that point, you should really be heaving a big sigh of relief. Hope you've got another 10 weeks ahead of you yet!