February 01, 2012

It's a Date!

Assuming this pregnancy ends well - and that I don't go into labor early - at this time 7 weeks from today, Kiddo should be almost 12 hours old.

Yep, we have a date. March 21.

It's weird to think that tomorrow, we will be less than 7 weeks away from that date. I hope these next 7 weeks go quickly!

We also had our first non-stress test yesterday. I thought we were doing both the NST and the biophysical profile every Tuesday and every Friday, but it turns out the NSTs (no ultrasound) will be on Tuesdays, and the BPPs (ultrasound) will be on Fridays. I can live with that - at least we still get to go in twice a week for reassurance.

Kiddo did well on the NST. There were separate periods of movement, and her heart rate increased appropriately during each one. I think they want to see two periods of movement/rate increases within 10 minutes, but the doctor came in to speak with us, so we wound up being hooked up to the monitors longer than that. Again, fine by me... :-)


MyTwoLines said...

March 21 is a very good date indeed....that was two days before we laid eyes on our babies and it sounds like it will be the day you lays eyes on yours!

Libby said...

7 weeks! Wow, you are really having this baby :) And yes, we are cheering for this pregnancy to end well. Can't wait to see pictures of your little baby girl!

Silver said...

Oh wow! This is actually happening! I remember this period being one of competing excitement and fear. I am so, so pleased for you that this is all happening after everything you have been through :-).

A said...

Very exciting!!

Anonymous said...

You're almost there!

Reese said...

I'm late commenting. Congratulations! You are so close!