February 23, 2012

Contraction! And, 28 Days!

I'm sorry I've been MIA lately. Things have been crazy at work, and as you can probably tell, I've been behind on both posting and commenting. I'm hoping to catch up by the end of the weekend, but I just wanted to pop in and say everything still seems to be going well.

It's hard to believe this is our fourth week of twice-a-week appointments. During yesterday's non-stress test, apparently I had a contraction. I didn't feel it, so I didn't even know it until the doctor looked at the monitor's printout and said, "So you had a contraction, huh?"

She said it happens randomly and doesn't mean I'll go into labor early. But for those of you who have been hoping I will find the courage to do more to prepare, I don't know that I'd call it courage exactly, but a feeling of "Wow, this might actually happen! And I'd better get moving!" did set in.

R and I went shopping last night, so at least now Kiddo has an outfit in which to come home from the hospital and a baby book that we can take with us to have handprints and footprints put in. We haven't gotten everything yet, but I don't care so much if we're the ones buying diaper rash cream or if we have to send someone else for that, but I did want to at least pick out the sentimental stuff ourselves.

In other news, Kiddo will be here no later than 28 days from today. Well, technically, 27 days from today since it is now after midnight. I still can't totally believe it. But I hope the next 4 weeks go really quickly.

Actually, even more than that, I hope she decides to show up sooner than then. Not too much sooner, because I'm only at 34w5d and I want her to have all the growing time she needs, but I wouldn't mind if she showed up a couple days ahead of schedule.

And, my usual refrain: Please, Dear God, let this end well...


Anna said...

Oh, my dear, this is only the beginning, not the end! I was induced a week early (due to pre-eclampsia), and without any notice, so we needed all the necessities: diapers, ointment, burp cloths, the little bouncy seat that vibrated and played music, etc. The best thing you could do is get all the necessity stuff as soon as possible so you'll be as ready as you can be when you come home with your daughter.

One thing that was REALLY helpful were the little tiny t-shirts: better than onsies for the first week while the umbilical stump is healing. No one told me about that, but we were grateful that some of the hand me downs we received included those gems.

I'm so excited for you both! Glad that all has been going well, and your daughter will be on the outside in no time at all: trust me - the next 27 days will pass probably faster than you'd like! Enjoy this time together!! :)

MyTwoLines said...

Oh man you are getting close! Glad to hear you are buying a few things here and there :)
Keep us posted!

Emily Erin said...

Glad that you're starting to get your 'game face' on. As everyone says, she'll be here before you know it! Sending good vibes!

Reese said...

Glad to hear things are going well--was a little worried by the absence that baby decided to make an early entrance. You are so close! 27 days is not long to wait. I can't wait to be officially thrilled for you!

Libby said...

You are so close! Can't wait for her to get here all healthy and cute :)

Anonymous said...

This is exciting!

Emily Erin said...

Less than 3 weeks! I hope that you're starting to feel ready to welcome your daughter... Hoping that all is well for you as you make final preparations.