March 02, 2012

Scan Pics for Mo

For those of you who don't know Mo from Life and Love in the Petri Dish, she is in a place very similar to where I was in August - at the beginning of pregnancy #7 and having a hard time believing it could possibly end well. I'm taking a look back and posting pictures of my earliest ultrasound scans so she can compare them.

The first two are from our ultrasound at 6w0d. The sac looks very kidney-shaped. The yolk sac was visible, but it just looked like a ring with an empty center, and it would be visible on the screen for a second and then gone the next moment, depending on exactly how the wand was positioned at the time.

These images are from another scan done at 6w6d. The sac looks really abnormally shaped in the first picture. It looks a bit better in the second one, but the yolk sac isn't definitively visible in the second one like it is in the first.

It's hard to imagine those first tiny images have turned into an actual live, practice-breathing baby, but somehow, incredibly, they have...Here is hoping the same for Mo, and for all of you who are in the process of working toward these kinds of images of your own.


Mo and Will said...


thanks so much for posting these. really helpful. i wish i had seen a yolk sac like that - would have been very reassuring. but hopefully next week we will see more.


catatanttc2014 said...

I had this kind of sac looks abnormal..last week it was in a great shape,nice circle..but this week it looks like shrinking..oohh i felt dissapointed and worry every each second!i had a miscarriage before..and this is my second pregnancy..and i really hope it turns well this time!hopefully next week i can see a nice circle sac with heartbeats!pray for me pls!