December 16, 2013

So Much for 'Normal'

About that last post - everything uneventful, no bleeding, no staining. Yeah, not so much anymore.

The bright red bleeding started this morning, followed by back pain and general lower pelvic achiness. I called the perinatologist's office and got our first ultrasound moved up from Wednesday to today.

I was totally expecting bad news. So imagine my surprise when there was a heartbeat - 121 bpm at 6w2d, and the Kiddo measured at 6w3d.

I also knew as soon as I saw the ultrasound screen that there is a large subchorionic hematoma in there, too. It looked slightly larger than the gestational sac. The ultrasound tech said that the uterus is still small at this point, so it all looks close together, but the Kiddo is actually on one side of the uterus and the hematoma is on the other. So at least it's not right under it. I'm choosing to be thankful for that.

There's not really anything to do but stay as hydrated as possible and keep my feet up as much as possible, which is tough to do when the Little Miss is home. And right now she's feeling ill, so I think she's going to wind up being home all day tomorrow.

The next ultrasound is scheduled for Friday morning. I had a lot more bleeding this afternoon, so I don't know what the current state of things is, but there's no point in going in every day for ultrasounds - there's nothing anyone can really do but wait and see and pray.

I've said for a long time that I'd like three Kiddos. But if we are fortunate enough to wind up with two, it's very possible we may stop at that point. I forget how hard this is until I'm in the middle of it.


Anonymous said...

horrible news to be bleeding... I have been there and it is so hard to keep hope alive when you are bleeding in any amount, especially brb.

great news to see a h/b!! this is such great news! for each small step, a quiet congratulations.

and it is really, really good that the sch is away from baby- you know this, and take hold of all the good things about it... away is good.

each day being pregnant is a gift. you have no control at any point, anyway, so, well, we will all hope for the best for you, even if you are having a hard time keeping hopeful.

thank you for taking the time to update.

Emily Erin said...

Sending calming vibes and praying hard that good things are happening in there and the scariness is just the pesky SCH.

Hugs and chocolate!

SLESE1014 said...

OH I feel your pain. I had a horrible bleeding episode that lasted nearly 3 weeks with my daughter. It too was an SCH. So much blood totally freaked me out especially since it was at 12 weeks. I hope things calm down and the baby continues to grow! Fingers crossed for you!!!