December 10, 2013

This is Bizarre

Today is 5w3d. I had blood drawn yesterday to check E2 and P4 levels. The results came in this afternoon: normal.

"Normal" is not what we normally experience. This feels very bizarre, surreal.

It's still very early. I've gotten this far before, only to have it fall apart. But so far, there has been no bleeding, and there hasn't even been any staining in the last couple of weeks.

The first ultrasound is scheduled for the afternoon of the 18th, which is a week from tomorrow. Assuming nothing starts to look wrong between now and then. That will be 6w4d, so if this is truly on track, a heartbeat should be visible at that point.

The perinatologist's office has a new receptionist. Everyone there is fantastic, they totally get all the mental stuff that IF inflicts on their patients. But I don't think the receptionist has much experience with that yet.

She asked who my ob was. I explained that I don't have one - Dr. H manages my entire pregnancy from start to finish. She insisted that I need a regular ob. I told her I would not go to one. She put me on hold, came back, and proceeded to schedule the appointment.

Then she asked when my last menstrual period was. I had to explain about the FET. I told her I would give her the LMP date, but only if she promised to not tell me what the estimated due date is. I told her that I know vaguely that it would be sometime next summer, and I don't want to know anything more specific than that at this point.

Then I brought up that I want the ultrasound tech who did my first ultrasound with Miss A to also do this first ultrasound. She explained that they don't schedule a specific ultrasound tech, only the doctor. I replied that I know that, and I still want that particular ultrasound tech to be the one to do it. She had to put me on hold again to confirm that the tech will be there that day. (She will.)

I swear I could hear the receptionist's eyes rolling skyward. I totally recognize that I give a whole new level of meaning to the words "difficult patient". And frankly, at this point, I don't care.

Emily Erin, since you don't have a blog that I can comment on to answer your question - We did the immune testing before this cycle. We had already decided that regardless of the testing, we would not do LIT again, even if it means never having another child. The situation at the border has changed significantly since we went 3 years ago. The process requires both of us to go, and we just weren't comfortable with the risk, given that Miss A is here now. Thankfully, the testing showed that we did not need LIT again.

It showed that I did need IVIG. While I was pregnant with Miss A, I had great insurance that covered it. Unfortunately, that insurance changed in June, and IVIG is no longer covered. However, we do feel that the immune treatments we did were what made the difference to result in success last time, so we paid out of pocket. It's expensive - the initial testing was about $1,300, the IVIG itself was $3,500 (I need to lose some weight - the amount is based on weight, and the cost is based on amount), the nursing fee for it was another $400, and the next round of testing, which I had drawn yesterday, was another $1,000.

I wound up doing 3 rounds of IVIG with Miss A. If they recommend that I do it again, we'll have to move some balances around on credit cards, but we'll do it. Assuming this all ends well and we try for a third child at some point, we may give it a try without IVIG and see what happens. Maybe if it works twice, my body will start to recognize that it's okay to allow kiddos to grow in there...

When I was pregnant with Miss A, eventually the monthly testing cost settled down to about $400, so hopefully we'll get to that point again soon. Between that, co-pays (I have to pay one every visit, because it's a perinatologist rather than a regular ob/gyn), co-insurance, and meds, the pregnancy with Miss A cost us about $1,000 per month out of pocket. Paying IVIG out of pocket, this one is going to average $1,500 to $2,500 per month, depending on how many rounds we wind up needing to do. That's $12,000 to $20,000 before the kiddo even arrives, assuming I go through 8 months of pregnancy like with Miss A. And that's not counting the cost of the transfer or travel for the transfer.

Tenants moved into our old house at the end of last month. Now we need the real estate market to keep improving at a healthy (not crazy, but healthy) rate for the next couple of years to have any hopes of paying all this stuff off...

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Emily Erin said...

Blech. I'm sorry that it's so stinkin' costly to have IVIG; I hope that maybe you won't need as many treatments this time around. Holding so much hope for really wonderful things for you come this summer!