November 12, 2008

Did I Jinx Myself?

I may have spoken too soon.

My right side didn't seem to really grow today when compared with yesterday. My left side grew a little bit, but it looks like retrieval will be pushed out at least one more day to this weekend, rather than the end of this week.

Oddly enough, despite my follicles rather anemic growth, my dosage isn't being increased. I think they're still hoping that the slow growth will ultimately mean a few follicles will not continue to grow, and I'll get down closer to 20 follicles. But considering I've got 15 on one side and 15-20 on the other, I'm not necessarily optimistic about that.

I've been working remotely for 6 work days now. My boss is beginning to wonder if I'm ever going to come back. Thank God he's been very understanding and supportive, particularly given that I've been with the company for less than 8 months.


Grad3 said...

I am sorry that this process is more frustrating than you thought it would be-- who knew???

I am glad that you have a supportive boss-- and I hope that you are pleasantly surprised on the day of your retrieval.


MamaSoon said...

I'll try working remotely too. Hows that going for you? My boss just gave me the okay.

I've heard that severly upping the dose is no good for the eggs. My last cycles prove that too. So sometimes slow and steady wins the race. Rootin' for ya!

DAVs said...

They told me at CCRM they would rather reduce doses as you go along or hold them steady...
I hope this longer stimming and slower growth is just the ticket!

Linda said...

Hang in there...I stimmed for 15 days. I'm sending you big, juicy eggies vibes!!

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