November 28, 2008

My Non-IF Hobby

When I'm not poking myself with needles, obsessively researching treatment options or tending to my day job (whish provides the funds for the needle poking and treatment options), my other hobby is baking.

When I have a chance to bake, which isn't often, I tend to go, um, how shall I say this? A wee bit overboard.

Take yesterday, for example. I was in charge of the Thanksgiving pies. I baked four - for eight people.

Yes, I know, one would have sufficed. But FIL loves pecan pie (lower right - it's not burned, though it looks like it in the photo), so I always make one for him. And BIL's favorite is cherry; this year I decided to fancy it up a bit and make a lattice top crust.

I've never made an apple pie, and this year I was determined to do it. I use store-bought crusts, because I'm not that into making dough, but I made the filling from scratch, with three different kinds of apples. (I read a tip in a magazine that using a variety of apples gives it more flavor.) I tried to press a design into the top crust, and that didn't turn out so well. Next year, I want to copy a pie crust I saw in a magazine that used cookie cutters to cut apples and leaves from dough and then added those to the top crust; first, I have to find apple and leaf cookie cutters.

And then of course it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without a pumpkin pie (in this case with a pecan strudel on top), so that made a total of four.

But the good thing is, we left about 90 percent of them over at my in-laws, so the pies will stick to their waistlines more than ours!


MrsSpock said...

Whoa- those look yummy!

Carrie said...

They all look delish but that cherry one turned out beautiful!

Anniep said...

Those look delicious!!! I never have good luck with lattices, yours looks perfect. Excellent score on leaving them at the IL's. Heh. Leftovers can be problematic w/ Tday....

MamaSoon said...

Those look yummy!! I want the cherry one and the pecan one. Any leftovers?