July 09, 2010

A New Post

There's a new post below. Thanks to Mrs. LC's comment on it, I realized that I had forgotten Blogger's quirky habit of using the date you start the draft as the posting date, even if you don't publish the post until a later date. So Mrs. LC, you didn't miss it at all - I just published the post last night.

Phoebe, totally agree with your comments about acu. I wasn't surprised in general that acu would be recommended - our first IVF RE recommended it - I was just caught off guard that current RE recommended it, because he doesn't seem to be the type that supports that kind of thing. (He's referred to some other alternative treatments as "vodoo" - his exact word - in the past.)

I've done acu immediately pre- and post-transfer for all of my transfers, and I've also done it for several weeks leading up to one of the transfers in the past, although not the most recent one. I was comfortable with that acupuncturist, but I have two friends who recommend another one, so I may try her this time around. Your point about getting established in advance is a good one.


Phoebe said...

Thanks for the shout out! I mentioned getting comfy with your acupuncturist because I tried the pre&post acupuncturist at your said BigShotClinic, and hated the whole experience. I hated that acupuncturist and I hated getting acupuncture in those cold transfer rooms. I much preferred the acupuncture from my sweet, loving acupuncturist at her office. Unfortunately, BigShotClinic only lets you use the acu they have contracted with right there in the transfer room. Not all acupuncturists are created equal (just like REs)!!

Libby said...

I have to agree with the acupuncture. I started it for IF but found that it did a lot to manage pain (past injuries) as well. But yes, you must be comfortable with the person doing it. I've been to three, and I definitely have a favorite.

I'm glad you have a plan too! I don't recall if you've done intralipids before, but I would throw everything that I could at this IVF! I'll be doing intralipids in again and will be asking about Lovenox simply because I was on it with my longest pregnancy. If it won't hurt, I'm willing.

I laughed at your comment about God striking down your DH if you lied on an adoption application. Not because that's funny but because that is exactly how I feel sometimes. I'm so paranoid about fudging anything - always thinking God is punishing me for something! Sheesh!

MrsSpock said...

Don't know if you read Dr ramirez's blog, but he just posted about a patient very similar to you:


Peaches said...

Four states, wow! Hopefully this little quad will be the one that works for you and soon we are hearing about your BFP :)
I think you are wise just to focus on 'this' right now and then begin to focus on surrogacy/adoption--it can get so big (read overwhelming!)... Good luck with the acu, can't wait to read about that.

Nico said...

thinking of you, hope everything's going okay and getting lined up for September.