November 08, 2010

I Chickened Out

Got up this morning at 6 a.m. to take the dog out, boobs were still sore but decided I'd rather crawl back in bed than stay up for a few minutes to pee on a stick. (Last week, I asked to take today off - I needed a mental health day.)

So I crawled back into bed, and when I got up two hours later, boobs were noticably less sore.

I figured it was over, decided what was the point in wasting a $10 test and starting my day off on a negative note (way to think positive, I know), so I decided not to HPT.

Then, of course, the soreness returned and I spent the day feeling very aware of them every time I ran up and down the stairs. (R and I were working on cleaning up/better organizing/rearranging the upstairs.)

The cramping returned this afternoon and evening. It's not my normal PMS cramping, but then again, it wasn't my normal PMS cramping back in August, either, and I'm not sporting a bump. So who knows what's going on inside my body? Clearly not me.

I'm just going to bite the bullet and take the stupid test tomorrow morning.

I think.



Mo and Will said...

you're killing me with the suspense!! Test when you feel ready. Somehow I'll manage to be patient. Rebecca, wishing you all good things.

Sue said...

Seriously...the suspense! But, do it if and when you are ready! I have everything crossable crossed for you!

Sue said...

BTW...I LOVE LOVE LOVE even the possibility of an "oops" on these blogs.

Julie said...

fingers crossed for a great story!