November 11, 2010

Testing, Round 2

I scored a deal a couple nights ago on a box of 3 FREDs, on sale for $15. When I got up this morning, the boobs were still sore, so I figured what's another $5 test at this point? I opened a test, I peed, I wiped.

And I didn't even need to look at the test to know the result.

CD1 will be showing up tomorrow. Nothing like a couple of HPTs to bring her on.

On the bright side, dad is still doing well and still has his hair (one of his biggest concerns). He finds out tomorrow if a bone marrow biopsy he did yesterday shows that he's in remission again. The dog is still his limping but happy self.

And, we got the adoption home study agency's finger printing done today.

I was hoping to be able to say that the paper work is all done too. For some reason, though, the agency director only sent us half of it to do in advance. So when we got there today, he handed us a bunch more. I filled it out tonight - we'll either take it down there tomorrow or get it in the mail.

The carpet cleaner is coming Saturday morning, so the only big thing left on that front before the home study visit is getting the pool fence scheduled for installation.

We are planning to do the first round of LIT in December and the second round in January, but oddly enough R's Hep A total test came back positive. (The Hep A IgM was negative.) So we have to figure out what that means in the context of all of this.

I looked it up to get a better understanding of it before mentioning it to him. It's common, infection often comes from eating fruits, vegetables, shellfish or not washing your hands well enough, etc., it very rarely becomes chronic, even more rarely becomes fatal, and pretty much goes away on its own eventually - there's not really a treatment for it.

I tried to approach it very calmly, saying "One thing I need to's no big deal, millions of people get it, it goes away on its own without treatment, but you seem to have the very common mild form of hepatitis."

Still, understandably, his eyes got very wide and he said "what do you mean no big deal?? Hepatitis??!?"

Sigh...our world involves far too many strange, unexpected medical conversations...


lastchanceivf said...

I'm sorry about round 2 of testing. Ugh.
I wouldn't worry too much about the hepatitis thing, but if you haven't been vaccinated you can get vaccinated against it.
I'm glad your Dad is doing well and not losing his hair :)

Teresa said...

Sorry about that stark white line. It's always a real downer, especially after playing "do I see a line" the day before. I've been there many times. Good Luck on your continuing journey.

Nico said...

Bah. Even when you expect the result to be a bfn it still sucks when it's confirmed. It sounds like the other stuff is moving along reasonably well, though, which is great. Thinking of you!

Phoebe said...

How could you test positive for HepA and not notice it? When I had HepA, I slept for 6 weeks and my eyes turned yellow. If you didn't think you had it, it must be a lab error, IMHO.

Thalia said...

Sorry about the stark white, and also sorry about the hepatitis. It does seem like you get more than your fair share of this stuff.

barfingrainbowsandunicorns said...

Boo on the the testing. I'm sorry, I was really optimistic for you. Gah, and the hepatitis, too!

I'm excited though that you're making progress on the adoption front! Looking forward to hearing about how the home study visit goes.