December 22, 2010

You Know You're an Infertility Patient When... (#4) take an HPT not because you expect it to show two lines (ha! ha ha ha!), but because you know that taking it is pretty much a surefire way to bring on CD1 within a matter of hours.

Except, unfortunately, in this case.

Took the stupid thing two days ago (yes, it was negative) because I'm on something like CD45. Our anniversary is at the end of next week, we have a romantic trip planned, and I don't want to be dealing with my cycle then.

But so far, all I've seen is a little bit of spotting. Grrr. If the test can't show two lines, can't it at least just do the other thing it's supposed to do and bring on CD1? Grrrr (again).

We're heading out to see my dad in a few hours. Please keep him in your prayers - the transplant should start in about 24 hours.

Also, please stop by and visit Gypsy and The Tramp to offer some friendly, comforting words and birthday wishes. This time of year is tough in general for us IFers, and she's dealing with a loss and some other challenges right now on top of everything else.


Auntie Em said...

Ugh, as someone who also suffers from very long cycles, I feel for you! Hope AF doesn't ruin your romantic anniversary trip! Seems like it always arrives at inopportune times!

Silver said...

Oh yes - the never-ending cycle! Just another lovely gift from IF. Am thinking of you and your dad.

Sue said...

Ugh. I hate that. My cycles are like clockwork until something like this is coming up...then I always seem to get messed up. Look up castor oil seems to bring on AF for me (when this has happened). It seems a little weird but the late AF could be a cyst and using this on your belly for a few nights with a heating pad can make everything go away.

In the meantime, lots of prayers for your dad.

Libby said...

Well crap. I hope AF doesn't ruin your anniversary plans. Happy Anniversary by the way!

Prayers for a successful transplant for your dad too.