June 30, 2011

This Oughta Be Fun

The results of my first E2 level check for this FET cycle came in yesterday. It was supposed to be at least 50, but it was only 8.

So instead of stepping up to 2 estrogen patches, then 3, then 4, I'm going straight from 1 estrogen patch to 4 patches, plus oral estrace twice a day. R is already bracing for the hormonal moodiness that is bound to ensue. :-)

The blood draw was on Monday. It was kind of complicated, because I had one order from RE for the E2, another order from the PCP for a thyroid panel, and then vials for the communicables that needed to be drawn and spun but then shipped to RE rather than run by the lab. Plus, R was with me to contribute his 2 vials for the communicables as well.

I have to admit, I couldn't help but think "I hope this is the last time I have to do a draw for something other than one simple, straightforward order." I'm afraid to find out how the cycle turns out, but at the same time I'm also ready to move on.

Speaking of which, I held out for as long as I could, but I finally gave in today and called the adoption professional we're planning to work with if the cycle doesn't go well. I'm working on updating our profile. You know me - always a backup plan. I think I'm on Plan T at at this point...


Libby said...

I'm very familiar with Plan T. Gah! Hoping for a successful cycle for you though. Oh, and smooth sailing on the estrogen storm front that's coming in :p

P.S. I just had my communicable drawn yesterday since our insurance changes on July 1. I don't even feel the need anymore to explain to the phlebotomist that I don't actually have STDs - hahaha

Julie said...

I'm keeping fingers and toes crossed that this is your cycle. I'm glad you have back up plans too. It just helps with sanity.

Nic said...

YAY for getting started! I hope the hormonal moodiness isn't too awful, and that the estrace helps make things nice and plump in there!