November 29, 2011

Movement Is Not Making This Easier

I do not do well with Kiddo moving only intermittently. I have a feeling I'm going to be an obsessive kick-counter.

Last Tuesday, I noticed I wasn't feeling movement as often, and it wasn't as strong. I began to worry. I called the peri's office. The nurse reassured me that this is normal, that it's too soon to feel consistent movement.

That helped. For about 12 hours.

On Wednesday, the movements were even less, even lighter. By early afternoon, I was in tears and couldn't take it any more - I knew I was going to be a basket case all weekend if I didn't have some reassurance. So I called and asked them to fit me in, and they did.

And of course Kiddo was moving around a ton, which wasn't surprising given the amount of sugar I'd consumed in the 18 or so hours leading up to the scan in an attempt to get him/her to give me a definitive kick.

It turns out s/he was head down, kicking into the biggest part of my uterus, which was why it was so hard to feel.

Thankfully, by the weekend, I started to feel movement more regularly again. And yesterday, it was even strong enough that I could feel it externally when I put my hand on my abdomen. Just barely, but I could feel it. Unfortunately, R had already gone to bed and he was in the guest room because we both have minor colds right now, so he didn't get to experience it yet.

But I still get stressed about it. For instance, I feel movement the most between 8-11 p.m., and now here it is 10:30 p.m. and I'm realizing I'm not sure if I've felt it tonight. So now I'm nervous again, although there was definitely movement earlier today.

In other news, I managed to finish one of my papers but not the other. I requested an incomplete, so I have a month to finish it, although my goal is by Monday. The incomplete means a 10% penalty to my overall grade, but right now my goal is just to get the classes done. As long as it's a passing grade, the grade is not my highest priority at the moment...

And since we went for a scan last Wednesday, we moved yesterday's appointment to Friday.

Ten (almost down to 9) days to the edge of viability...


Silver said...

That was EXACTLY how I was! I had regular visits to my midwife for a little listen on the doppler and a few to the day assessment unit for an hours monitoring. Never needed to have a scan for that, thankfully, but was being scanned once every two weeks, then every week, then every 2 days anyway as time went on. Very reassuring, but very time-consuming! A friend got her own doppler and offered it to me, but I didn't trust myself to find the right heartbeat and just relied on the kindness of the professionals. I found that, once they'd heard the history, they were falling over themselves to reassure me. Hang on in there - you're getting closer!

MyTwoLines said...

Oh Rebecca. I so wish there was a way you could be constantly reassured and not have to suffer so much worry--but I totally get why you are always worried. Hang in there and I'm so glad for all that movement! Keep the sugar coming :)

SLESE1014 said...

I had the same problem. My placenta was anterior and Buckie was constantly kicking the placenta...there are no nerves in the placenta so I wasn't feeling anything.

Even now at almost 37 weeks, the movement isn't consistent. But I just have to believe everything is OK.

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers....all things considered you're doing fabulously!

Reese said...

Just getting through the class is a good plan! I was having fantasies all weekend about dropping a class to save myself the trouble, but I've already sat through the entire class so that would be a huge waste. I can't preach on the "regular movement" thing....I carried around a little notebook so I could document what time I felt movements. Oh, and how strong the movement was. It's pretty funny now as well as a nice resource for the baby book, but at the time? I didn't think it was the slightest bit funny. In nursing school, we have a joke about how you know you've gone over the edge if you start charting intakes and outputs on yourself...I don't think I was far off that during pregnancy. I had one incident where I called my ob's office to request an ultrasound based on the fact that I felt the movements had been "feeble" that morning. I was convinced it was a sign of fetal distress and told the doctor I needed an ultrasound. After the ultrasound I was referred to a medical supply company because the doctor felt I should rent a doppler to help "soothe myself" when I felt panicked about movements. Bless his heart, the man kindly refrained from admitting me for a psych evaluation. Nine days to edge of viability--that's a beautiful thing!

Libby said...

Stupid IF. It really robs you of confidence, doesn't it? I'm just glad you are so far along, and I hope your little kicker becomes more reassuring!

In regard to the comment you left for me, yes, I did think, "Wow, this guy must be having a good day! Yay for me!"

You better go finish your paper now ;)

myfertilityjourney said...

Hi Rebecca! First of all I want to congratulate you for your pregnancy, I am thrilled for you knowing all that you've been through! I want to also thank you immensely for the long, informative and rich post. One thing is to hear the hypothesis and another is to hear someone's real story and what finally gave you success. I understand why you are still cautious and I won't convince you to be otherwise. Our paths are somewhat similar and I'm thrilled that we've connected. I would love to e-mail you personally with some questions I have, if you don't mind. My e-mail is If you have time and you feel like it, please send me a pm. Thanks a lot! xoxo

Kate said...

Why not get yourself a doppler? You'd easily be able to hear the beat at this stage once you know how to look, and you'd get instant reassurance. 30s or less would be all you'd need. There are cheap ones on Ebay that would do the trick.
As the movements get stronger as the baby grows, you'll feel them more often too. It's normal to go hours without feeling much at this stage.
You're doing great!

MC said...

Good afternoon Rebecca,

My partner and myself just completed her 3 days of post transfer bed rest and we could have not done it without your blog!

I can't wait to hear more of your difficult but courageous journey! Congratulations and many prayers for you, R and your Kiddo!

I hope we are as strong and determined as you have been in our quest for parenthood and hopefully our beta is a BFP.