January 04, 2014

And The Beat Goes On...

Somehow, amazingly, Kiddo still has a heartbeat.

It was 10 days between ultrasounds. I actually did pretty well with the wait - I'm a bit calmer with this pregnancy than I was with Miss A.

The heart rate was 183 bpm, which is great, and Kiddo is measuring 2 days ahead, at 9w1d. Out of all 8 pregnancies, there is only 1 other where we saw a heart beat as far along as 9 weeks, and that was the pregnancy with Miss A.

One wrinkle that came up is that I woke up yesterday really not feeling well. We saw the nurse practitioner after the ultrasound, and she thought I had the flu, so she prescribed Tamiflu. Miss A and R also started not feeling well, and today R got tested (the peri's office didn't have the rapid flu test), and he does indeed have the flu. So I'm pretty sure that's what Miss A and I have too. The nurse told R today that one of the main strains of flu going around wasn't included in this year's vaccine, so a lot of people are getting it even though they were vaccinated.

I have been working crazy hours since Tuesday, and I was supposed to work all weekend and all week next week, but the nurse practitioner said I need to rest, so she wrote a note for me to be off work "until further evaluation". She wants to see how I'm feeling and how things look during the next ultrasound next Friday.

It's pretty much the worst timing from a work perspective, but the baby's health has to come first. Thankfully, my boss is very understanding and supportive. My vice president is in town, and I have been working closely with him this week. I was supposed to meet with him on Monday.

I wasn't planning to inform him of the pregnancy unless I made it to 20 weeks, but my boss asked for permission to share my situation with him. She wants him to be clear that I'm not just flaking out of work for a minor cold, that the flu on top of a pregnancy with a serious complication becomes an even more serious situation.

Speaking of serious complication, the pesky hematoma is still there, and still unchanged in size. I was kind of surprised it wasn't smaller, because there continues to be blood every time I wipe. Now, every time I cough hard, there's a bit more bleeding. I just wish it would go away.

While I'm doing better (more calm) with this pregnancy, I'm still not close to being a "normal" patient. The peri's office doesn't even bother to try to schedule more than 1 appointment at a time for me - they just stick to scheduling the next appointment every time we're there. (Normally, if their patients are on a weekly or every-other-week schedule, they schedule about 4 weeks worth of appointments at a time.)

And I'm still refusing to look at the due date. It's listed on some of the ultrasound photos they give us, but I just hold my finger over that part of it. I know it's some time in August, because both of the ultrasound techs have forgotten after I've told them I don't want to know and started to say it. They said the month, but I managed to stop them before they got to the day. Given that Miss A's transfer was on July 13th and her EDD was March 30, since this Kiddo's transfer was on Nov. 21, I'm assuming the EDD is around the end of the first week of August, but I just don't want to know for sure yet.


Emily Erin said...

SO sorry that you have the flu, that's just miserable! Rest up and feel better soon!

SciChick said...

I avoided looking at due dates too. Hope you beat the flu soon, and yay on being 2 days ahead and that strong heartbeat!

Libby said...

Oh no, sorry to hear about flu! I had a 10 day cold that I thought would put me under, so I can only imagine. Hope you all are feeling better very soon!

Glad to hear you are progressing too. Isn't it crazy that out of all of those pregnancies, some work - and some don't. I'll never understand why we don't understand more, you know? One day, I suppose IF patients won't have so many unknowns like we do now...

Look forward to hearing more good news from you :)