February 04, 2014

'Believe in Good Things to Come'

An IRL friend who has been through IF and IVF sent me a text with that message today. Even after having Miss A and several encouraging ultrasounds with this pregnancy, sometimes I still need the reminder that this has the possibility of turning out well.

Today's ultrasound went well. Kiddo is continuing to grow on track. I decided to be brave and go ahead and find out the gender, since R wants to and he was so patient with waiting until 30 weeks with Miss A.

Kiddo did not cooperate in that plan, so we'll have to wait until next time.


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear about the good ultrasound. I always have a really hard time believing too.

My daughter would not cooperate in the gender discovery plan either. :)

AP said...

So good to hear baby is still on track! Hopefully he/she will cooperate next time :)

Emily Erin said...

When is next time? Do you want another girl (they're really fun!) or the full portfolio? (with the complete understanding that either is of course a wonderful blessing). So glad that things are humming along nicely.