March 08, 2006

No News

First of all, thank you for your supportive comments. I really appreciate it tremendously.

Secondly, given my obsession these past several days with Google, I apologize for not being very good about commenting on others' blogs during this time, but please know that I am keeping tabs on all of you as well. I've been reading; I just haven't been up to commenting much.

And thirdly, there’s no word on bloodwork or ultrasound results from the doctor’s office yet.

The ultrasound process was a little bit stressful, but it was ok. Not only was it a belly ultrasound – although in truth the tech didn’t actually scan the fat tire that is my belly but rather scanned above and below it – but I also had the dubious pleasure of getting to go through a wand exam too.

The appointment didn’t get off to a good start when I arrived with an empty bladder. The nurse from my doctor’s office had left a message that I would do an upper abdominal ultrasound (think above the belly button to the lower part of the ribs) and then would drink 40 ounces of water to do the pelvic ultrasound. But when I got there, the tech had expected me to have a full bladder and to start with the pelvic ultrasound.

She almost made me reschedule, but I promised to gulp the water really fast, so she did the upper ab ultrasound and then sent me out to the waiting room while she scanned other patients. I chugged and chugged, then finally let the office staff know I was ready for the next scan.

I sat there waiting for about 45 minutes, which, let me tell you, passes eexxxtreeeemmmeeelllly slllooooooowwwlllly when you really have to peeeeee. The point finally came where I thought I was going to have to tell the staff to reschedule me because I just couldn’t hold it any more. Just then, the tech opened the door and asked if I was ready yet. Apparently the office staff had forgotten to pass along the message. Ugh!

As many of you probably already know, there’s nothing like having an ultrasound transmitter pressed over your ready-to-burst bladder. Fortunately I survived that without embarrassing myself, and then dashed off to the bathroom for about five minutes before capping off the appointment by cozying up with the wand.

I’m used to a nurse or doctor inserting it (sometimes fine, sometimes rather painfully), so I was a bit surprised when she asked me to reach down and guide it in. That approach was much more comfortable, which I’ll have to remember for future wand dates.

I’m still spending waaay too much time googling my symptoms, but the edge has been taken off my hysteria - thanks in large part to the copious amounts of anti-anxiety drugs I resumed taking after Monday’s doctor appointment.


fisher queen said...

I'm glad the anxiety is a little better. Keep us posted.

sube said...

Wow. Upper ab, pelvic and wand ultrasounds all at one appointment -- the trifecta. With all that poking and proding, you certainly deserve the anxiety pills.