March 07, 2006

Tummy Troubles

I’m having my first belly ultrasound today. You know, the kind you naively envision having when you first start trying to get pregnant.

Only I’m not pregnant. And I’m scared.

I started having abdominal tenderness about 10 days ago. I noticed it as I was poking around my rather broad abdomen to figure out where I’m going to begin doing all the shots for our IVF cycle that’s coming up soon.

There was an area that was tender when I poked. So of course I kept poking throughout the week, and kept noticing it was getting slightly worse. It’s in about the same place as you’d expect appendicitis pain, only that usually progresses within about 12 hours, not 12 days.

Then a couple days ago, I leaned against the high countertop in our kitchen and noticed a tender spot right under my rib cage on the right side. I’ve also been nauseous and not very hungry, which is definitely unlike me.

I have a tendency to zero in on the worst possible scenario and obsess about it, so I’ve been spending a lot of time googling to try to figure out what this could be. I’m freaking myself out.

I went to my primary care doctor yesterday, hoping that he could give me a definitive diagnosis of some minor ailment. No such luck. He seemed a bit puzzled and ordered the ultrasound.

Please pray that all of this is just something minor.


Sarah said...

I will certainly be praying that everything will be okay.

Liz said...

Praying that all is well.

Nico said...

Me too!

sube said...

Hope this turns out to be worry for nothing. Thinking of you.

fisher queen said...

I am thinking of you too. Please let us know how it goes.