June 22, 2006

Need Feedback for a Friend

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned a friend of mine who is currently in the midst of her first IVF cycle. I’m looking for some feedback on her behalf, so if you have any thoughts, please post them here.

The situation is: She had retrieval on June 14 and transferred two 3-day embryos (one her RE said was “very good” and the other was “good”) on June 17. On June 20, she had very light spotting, bright red and just for that day. She also started having mild cramping around that time. The spotting stopped after that one day, but the cramping has continued off and on. Her first beta is scheduled for next Thursday, June 29, and she’s feeling discouraged, thinking that the cramping in particular means that the cycle didn’t work.

My thought is that the spotting could very well be implantation spotting, and I think the fact that it stopped is a good sign. The spotting happened and the cramping began just 3dp3dt, so I also tend to think that that is too early for the cramping to be a bad sign. But of course, I am by no means an expert on any of this.

So, what do all of you think? I will forward your thoughts to her.


Nico said...

I actually think that the cramping may be a good sign. I had cramps from 7dpo (very close to 3dp3dt!) until I was about 5-6 weeks, and I've been corresponding with a few people recently who are newly pregnant, all of whom also experienced some cramping. I think it's the uterus stretching a little bit, and the other changes going on in there. Tell her to keep her chin up, the cramping definitely does not mean that it's over!

Sarah said...

Good signs on both accounts. I had a cycle that worked with spotting and a cycle that worked without spotting. I did have cramps both times. I don't want to give anyone false hope but those two things are certainly not bad signs. Tell her best of luck and be sure to let us know how it turns out for her!

Liz said...

I also think it's a good sign. The spotting could have implantation and the cramping is common b/c of the meds and stimulation. Tell her not to lose hope. Wish her the best!

Shazz said...

Sometimes the spotting can be just old blood from retrival too, but I am hoping its implantation spotting. Wishing her good luck and sticky dust.

Meg said...

Hi Rebecca - without obviously being an expert, ditto what the others said.. you hear lots of stories of spotting /cramping that end positively. I'm not certain you can take anything for granted with all this. x