June 21, 2006

Seeing Silver

Have you ever seen the “I Love Lucy” episode that involves Lucy and Ethel working on a candy factory’s conveyer belt line? You know, the one in which they frantically try to wrap the pieces of candy that go gliding by until they just can’t keep up anymore and then begin to stuff the chocolate pieces into their mouths and hats to keep others from seeing what’s happening?

Well, that’s me. Except instead of chocolates zooming past, it’s silver hairs cropping up on my head at an alarmingly frequent pace.

My mom had a lot of silver hair by the time she was 30, so much so that she took to wearing a wig at that young age. But just because that happened to her doesn’t mean it’ll happen to me, I reasoned.

I’ve been living in denial.

I first noticed an occasional silver hair about a year ago. I told myself it must be the result of stress, and I proceeded to simply snip them out. But during the past month or two, they’ve started appearing much more frequently, and they’re throughout my head, not just in one spot any more.

They’re not a soft gray, either. They’re a bright silver that stands out against my dark hair, and they have a strange, coarse texture. I refuse to color my hair because that would mean acknowledging reality. So, instead, I keep frantically cutting, trying not to clip any other hairs because I have very thin hair and can’t afford to lose any that I don’t absolutely have to.

The end result? Short, silver hairs that, because of their odd texture, stick up and look a lot like little TV antennae poking through my hair.

I’m not even 32 yet, people. So much for aging gracefully…


Kath said...

Welcome to a very illustrious club, Rebecca! I began to turn white about 10 years ago. As in Cruella de Vil white streaks. Coloring is the only way to go, otherwise I'd only have hair on the back of my head now. Sigh.

the waiting line said...

Boy, your post really rang true for me. I just plucked a 1/2 inch stubbord, coarse shiny white hair from my head this morning. I suspect it was shooting straight up in the air because I had just pulled the some one out a month ago! These little peckers come back with avengence, don't they?

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I think you're the only Phoenician that I've met "out here." Cool - now I can say I know at least 1.

Best of luck on your first IVF cycle. I'm going to catch up on the rest of your blog when I'm not at the office! I'd like to know where your cycling -- California maybe? Are you doing it because you found an awesome clinic? I'll search your blog for the details. Otherwise - do tell! :-)

sube said...

Find yourself a good colorist, my dear. You can tell yourself it's because you want to try a new shade of blond/brunette/red/purple and that it has absolutely nothing to do with the gray. You're just being fashionable. ;)