June 29, 2006

Positive News for My Friend

Her first beta, at 12dp3dt, is 450!!! I couldn't find any charts after a quick Google search, but I found a site where women posted their betas, and 450 seemed to be pretty high compared with the other 12dp3dt betas I saw, so I'm thinking she may have two in there. I hope so - she'd be thrilled with that.

Thank you all again for your feedback and well wishes for her. They meant a lot, to her and to me.

I'm a few days behind on posting on blogs, so I apologize. I'm going to try to do that tonight if I can. In addition to already being short-staffed at work, another person is out this week with a family emergency, so I'm spinning plates like mad right now for myself and two other people. And trying to help an ill canine furbaby recover from an unpleasant bout of what appears to be gastroenteritis. Our carpet is not a pleasant site!



Sarah said...

Fantastic news about your friend!! I know she has got to be overjoyed. I am really happy for her.
Hope you have a relaxing weekend...it sounds like you need it.

Debbi said...

That's great news!

Enjoy your weekend.

the waiting line said...

Very goods news about your friend! Did she cycle in AZ?

Sounds like you're swamped.

I sent emailed you, so when you have a chance I'd love to hear your story on the AZ vs. CA cycling issue.

Have a great weekend! Stay cool.

sube said...

Great news about your friend. It's always good to hear happy news.

Hope things get less crazy for you soon.

Rebecca said...

Hi everyone - thank you for the posts, I'll pass them along to my friend.

The Waiting Line - I e-mailed you from my Yahoo account on Monday. I'll re-send it again tonight, so let me know if it doesn't arrive by tomorrow. My friend did cycle in state - the details of where are in the e-mail.

Meg said...

Rebecca - that's great news. She must be rapt. Sorry to hear about your current chaos. Sick dogs are never fun. xx

Nico said...

I'm so happy for your friend. I guess they were implantation / uterus stretching cramps after all :-) And I think that the likelihood she has more than one in there is pretty high with a beta like that. Yay!

sorry about your dog, I hope it recovers soon (and your carpet too!)

let us know how you're doing soon.